Many Unlimited Topokki Is Now In The Philippines

Many Unlimited Topokki Malate

Every Korean restaurant seems to have samgyupsal or unlimited BBQ. They made every foodie in the Philippines crave for Samgyup, but we are yet to experience unlimited topokki. Unlimited Topokki is now available at MANY Unlimited Topokki, which will open soon in Malate, Manila!

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You can take an Instagrammable shot near the signage

MANY Unlimited Topokki is called MANY because it wants to show customers/foodies that they have many choices in the restaurant. From the vegetables to the sauces, customers have various options to choose from.

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Lots of tables and chairs to accommodate a large group!

The restaurant has modern grill plates where a split-type cylinder bowl used to boil the vegetables and sauce. At every corner of the restaurant, they Instagrammbale neon-lights that goes perfectly well with your food photo shoots or photography.

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Various vegetables to choose from!
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Lots of sauces!

Unlimited dishes!

  • UNLI TOPOKKI (8 Kinds of Rice cakes)
  • UNLI KOREAN CHICKEN (2 Kinds of Chickens)
  • UNLI Fried Food (5 Kinds of Fried Foods)
  • UNLI Korean Noddle (5 Kinds of Korean Noddles)
  • UNLI Rice (3 Kinds of Korean Style Rices)
  • UNLI Kimpbap
  • UNLI Spagetti
  • UNLI Fish Cake(Odeng)
  • UNLI Sauces(8 Kinds of Korean Sauces)
  • UNLI Fresh Vegetable
  • Soft Drinks
  • SPECIAL Cheese
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  • Cheese good for 3-4 person: 299 php
  • SODA: 66 php
  • BINGSU good for 3-4 person: 299 php
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Unlimited Kimpbap and Maki

Limited parking within the area, but there are available paid parking spaces nearby. There fruit shakes and soju available at the restaurant. You may ask the restaurant staff to add it to your meal.

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Unlimited Fiskcakes


  • Like and Follow Many Unlimited Topokki on Facebook and Instagram
  • Post a picture about #ManyTopokki on any of your Social Media Accounts
  • Choose to get CHEESE or BINGSU for p99 only
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Hey there! Watch out for this the MANY logo
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Take a great selfie at this neon light with their adorable sign boards!


  • 365 PHP
  • FREE: Child Below 3ft
  • 50% OFF children between 3ft-4.2 ft

Penalty of PHP200/Head for leftovers

Buzzsetter overall experience: 9/10. It does seem to get quite hot during the day, but you can sit closer to the conditioner.

Buzzsetter Tip:

Don’t forget to ask for the particular grill from the restaurant staff, so it makes your Instagram food shots awesome! Besides, you don’t want to miss the SPECIAL cheese! It’s so addictive.

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Get this epic meal on March 20, 2020!

Many Unlimited Topokki, the First-Ever unlimited Topokki food is in 556 Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila City. Operating Hours: 11 AM – 12 AM every day



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