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MaxNat Returns to Manila for their First Naughty Babe Fan Meeting this January

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Naughty Babe Poster Manila

Enjoy a magical evening as MaxNat, the dynamic duo from the popular Thai television series “Cutie Pie The Series” and its spin-off, “Naughty Babe,” makes a grand return to Manila for their first-ever couple fan meeting. “Naughty Babe” tells the epilogue of the touching story of childhood friends Lian and Kuea from “Cutie Pie,” highlighting Khondiao (Nat) and Hia Yi (Max), who are forced into an arranged marriage for professional purposes.

Naughty Babe Fan Meeting Manila
Photo credits: Wish Us Luck

As Max (Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan) and Nat (Natasitt Uareksit) take the primary roles, the story goes into the nuances of love, loneliness, and self-discovery. Khondiao, despite his opulent lifestyle, is incredibly lonely, especially in the absence of Kuea, his best friend. Sadness at the impending wedding drives Khondiao to flee to Switzerland, whereupon Hia Yi follows him without warning and a vehicle accident alters everything. Khondiao must now accept the fact that he does not wish to wed Hia Yi. He is faced with a difficult decision and must decide what to do next.

MaxNat expressed their enthusiasm about visiting Manila again and interacting with their ardent followers, known as Heartdisks, in a poignant video invitation.

“We are so excited to come back to Manila but this time this is our solo fan meeting.” MaxNat

The fan gathering is set for January 20, 2024, at 5:00 PM in the SM Skydome in North Edsa. Tickets are still available for purchase at Use the official event hashtag #NaughtyBabe1stFMinMNL across social media platforms to share thoughts, sentiments, photographs, and MaxNat material.
This event is made possible by the combined efforts of WISH US LUCK Entertainment, MakeitLive, Mandee, and APlan. Prepare yourself for an incredible evening full of love, laughter, and special moments as MaxNat makes its Manila debut!