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My SHINee World 1st To 15th Documentary Screening in the Philippines

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MY SHINee WORLD PH documentary

A special concert movie about the glittering 15 years of K-pop sensation ‘SHINee’ and its fandom ‘SHINee World’.

SHINee & SHINee World’s Past 15 Years Together & Now

From the group’s debut song in 2008 to , , , <1 of 1>, and (recently released in 2023), SHINee has reigned in the world of K-pop with countless hit songs. includes the members’ glittering performances in their 6 th concert ‘SHINee WORLD VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION]’ and their 5 previous “SHINee World” concerts that touched and thrilled many fans.

MY SHINee WORLD PH Nationwide Screening

The special concert movie also captures SHINee’s journey through the past 15 years in the eyes of the fans! Filled with passionate concert performances and behind-the-scenes stories, travel through time and witness how SHINee and the fans have illuminated each other’s worlds!

My SHINee World> is a special concert movie specially planned to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the debut of SHINee, a top K-pop teen idol group. Formed by SM Entertainment, SHINee has been by the fans’ side with numerous hits such as , their debut song in 2008, as well as Juliette, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer and Sherlock Clue+ Note, My SHINee World, where SHINee’s past 15 years and present can be seen at a glance, is expected to be a
special gift to fans more than ever.

MY SHINee WORLD PH documentary films

Anticipation is high to witness SHINee’s performances from their recent 6th concert “SHINee World VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION]” held at KSPO DOME along with highlights from the past 5 “SHINee World” concerts. From the group’s debut song to , , , and its latest song , which took the world by storm, the concert performances of SHINee’s 15-year history will bring back memories for fans in a meaningful way. In addition, the movie contains cross-editing that allows audiences to enjoy the concert performances from various angles with “Dolby Atmos” technology which makes it feel like you’re inside the movie in a more well-rounded cinematic experience


SHINee is a five-member boy group and contemporary band that consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin presented by SM Entertainment. Upon debuting with in 2008, the members of SHINee gained sensational popularity for their fresh music and cool, handsome appearances.


Since then, SHINee has led the world of K-pop, releasing hit songs such as Juliette, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Sherlock (Clue + Note, Dream Girl, View, 1 of 1 and Don’t Call Me. Recently, SHINee made a comeback with its eighth full-length album and topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 43 countries including Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. SHINee, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, planned a special alternative movie to celebrate, making fans around the world excited for its release.

The movie features a variety of unreleased contents that allow fans to watch actual performances from the “SHINee WORLD VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION]” concert and SHINee’s past at a glance. As such, , which follows 15 years of SHINee and their fandom SHINee World, will unfold on the super-large screen across theaters to give fans the ultimate in thrill and fun.

Director LEE Hubin has recently co-directed the Netflix original series [Black Knight] and has worked as an assistant director of hit films such as and . Anticipation is high to witness made complete with director LEE’s skilled know-hows and solid composition. As it is rare for a commercial film director to participate in alternative content directing, much attention is focused on this new attempt. Director LEE Hubin has steadily built his career in films, starting with the directing team of various works such as My Way in 2011 and Eungyo, The Berline File and Way Back Home.

I hope that watching the bond between SHINee and the fans through the movie will be a comforting escape away from stress and worries for ypung people Director LEE Hubin

In more recent years, he received much recognition for his outstanding skills as the assistant director of and , and the co-director of [Black Knight], which was released through Netflix this year. Director LEE commented, “Through the bond between SHINee and its fans in , I hope it will be a time of rest for young people by recalling something that comforts them.” As such, he tried to differentiate the movie from other alternative contents by adding authentic storytelling that draws fans’ immersion, not just live concert footages. Furthermore, the dynamic screen production that highlights his skills honed in commercial films and the vivid concert stage performances with “Dolby Atmos” sound showcase the best technology and thrills that can be enjoyed in theaters.


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