NAPA AT CROSSWINDS: Northern California-Inspired Cafe In Tagaytay!

We have been to many cafes and restaurants, and now we have a new cafe making noise in Tagaytay. Inspired by the Northern California hills and farmhouses in Napa; Napa at Crosswinds in Tagaytay is starting to make its own mark in the coffee world

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This coffeehouse has its unique look when you visit Crosswinds, Tagaytay. Crosswinds, Tagaytay is a small quiet residential area, and you can easily find this coffee house with a great view of the pine trees that will also remind you of the beautiful pine trees in Switzerland.

The moment you enter Crosswinds, there is a huge parking lot for its customers. You can also park your bicycle if you happen to come from a long ride. Customers will notice that the house is dark green and unique and greeted with a unique Napa at Crosswinds gate. Beautiful wooden benches surround the place. They also have barrels that will are used on tables with unique chairs.

The pathway is filled with rocks to walk on and is surrounded by logs that are lamps. They look great at night. Below the coffee house, you can have a great view of the pine trees and Crosswinds. Aside from that, there’s also a great background of ‘Wine Not?” while surrounded by more wooden chairs, tables, and barrels. You just simply can’t get enough of it!

Inside the cafe, you can feel the rustic vibe. The cafe has its twist, surrounded by wine barrels from top to bottom. The chandelier is also made out of wood with elegant lights. Downstairs is the counter with all your favorite coffee, but this time you can also order delicious cheese, meat, and wine.

You have plenty of wooden chairs and tables with Instagrammable backgrounds. It was hard to choose a good seat, but the best seats would be near the windows or outside the balcony. The most popular seats would be upstairs since you can take some great photos with a great view of Crosswinds behind you.

The bathrooms are right next to the cafe, each built with Japanese bathroom technology both for men and women. Napa at Crosswinds looks great during the day, but it seems just as impressive at night! Lots of lights are turned on all over the area from top to bottom. The wooden chandeliers make the best lighting indoors.

The cafe provides excellent food and drinks but at the same time, it is pet-friendly. Pets are allowed outside the cafe but not inside. They also have free WiFi customers. You can request this from the staff at the counter and insert the password on your phone or laptop. Napa At Crosswinds also has the best breakfast experience since you can also experience that California Dreaming vibe in the morning. Don’t forget to add Napa at Crosswinds to your coffee bucket list. It’s a must!

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  • Address: Crosswinds, Tagaytay
  • Parking: Free
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes
  • WiFi Available: Yes

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