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Nurtured by Nature: Brittany’s Luxury Residential Communities

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Who could refuse the opportunity to adopt a holistic lifestyle in a home inspired by nature?

Even in the aftermath of the pandemic, many people still yearn for any opportunity to be immersed in nature. Nature can profoundly affect your health and well-being, reducing tension, boosting your mood, and improving your physical health and quality of life overall.

However, nature-inspired communities are more than just a fad due to the abundance of advantages of residing in one.

The splendor and bounty of nature

Brittany Corp., the luxury residential and leisure subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., offers the opportunity to live in a beautifully landscaped horizontal community surrounded by nature. Its modern, upscale-themed communities, which also draw inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful cities, guarantee that residents will be able to appreciate nature’s majesty and bounty.

Photo 01 Crosswinds 1
Crosswinds is a 100-hectare Swiss-inspired development in Brittany that allows you to enjoy the open skies, trails, and fresh air, as well as an exclusive sanctuary that combines nature and contemporary amenities.

Even before the pandemic, Brittany’s portfolio of exclusive enclaves catered to the demand for communities that nurture a laid-back lifestyle and encourage a connection with nature. It offers residents the luxury of living amongst verdant trees and spacious open areas.

Forresta in Villar City, Alabang; Pievana in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, and Crosswinds in Tagaytay are examples of such developments.


“City with one million trees”

Forresta, Brittany’s 118-hectare mixed-use estate in Alabang, will soon house condominiums, exclusive lots, offices, and contemporary hubs amidst tranquil natural settings. This up-and-coming community, rumored to become a wealthy “city in the forest” due to approximately one million trees within the estate, will feature a stunning synthesis of nature, architecture, and cutting-edge technology.

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Crosswinds also features distinct restaurant concepts with designs that blend into the natural landscape, which have been carefully curated and crafted.

The first district to be developed will encompass 19 hectares, where the first ultra-luxury residential development in Brittany will be constructed in Villar Land. Discerning investors and homebuyers can choose from lots spanning from 857 to 1,461 square meters, which equates to five lots per hectare, ensuring exclusivity and privacy in one’s nature retreat.

Future residents can anticipate a meaningful living experience with Forresta’s thoughtfully designed eco-smart homes and residential buildings, energy-efficient lighting solutions within the community, a fiber-optic internet connection, and a secure and fully electric perimeter fence with RFID subdivision gates available 24/7.

Future residents will be able to strike a balance between tranquil and dynamic living due to their proximity to major road networks, such as Daang Hari and Daang Reyna Road and the Manila-Cavite Expressway (MCX), as well as educational and health institutions, golf and country clubs, and retail and lifestyle centers such as Evia Lifestyle Center.

‘True nature retreat’

This 25-hectare property in Sto. Tomas, Batangas will soon be transformed into a sprawling wellness sanctuary, a true nature retreat offering uniquely enriching experiences and exceptional lifestyles.

Pievana is a premium leisure development featuring upscale mid-rise condominiums and grand residential lots, villas and spas, unique retail concepts, and contemporary lifestyle centers that are complemented by sprawling greenery, lush gardens, and courtyards, as well as spectacular views of Mount Makiling, Mount Malarayat, and Mount Banahaw. Seventy percent of the estate’s total land area is comprised of open spaces and greenscapes.

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Pievana, Brittany’s 25-hectare development situated within natural terrain in the center of Santo Tomas, Batangas, offers more than just the luxury of space.

Investors and homebuyers can invest in Pievana’s residential development, where they can construct their ideal home amidst breathtaking mountain panoramas. As a low-density community, Pievana will have a maximum of eight lots per hectare to ensure exclusivity and seclusion.

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Mt. Makiling, Mt. Malarayat, and Mt. Banahaw are visible from Pievana, which is poised to serve as a sprawling wellness oasis.

The spacious lots range in size from 600 to 1200 square meters and include access to the central amenity area with its gym, spa, relaxation spaces, and entertainment areas.

Complementing the residences are recreational areas for active and passive pursuits, a 5-hectare commercial area with shops and dining concepts, and a 3-hectare leisure development with spas, villas, event venues, and floral gardens.


In nature’s embrace

Brittany has created a gorgeous Swiss-inspired destination in upland Tagaytay that places you in the embrace of nature.

Crosswinds, a 100-hectare enclave in Tagaytay City, offers attractive themed neighborhoods surrounded by approximately 35,000 towering pine trees that make up the area’s lush forests. It beckons to those who seek refuge in this premier Swiss oasis, which provides Filipinos with exquisite communities reminiscent of Alpine appeal.

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The design of Pievana deftly straddles the line between passive and active leisure and recreational spaces, allowing residents to appreciate the great outdoors or practice mindfulness in purpose-built facilities.

One can invest in the 24-hectare Lausanne, which offers a limited number of prime residential lots with panoramic views of Tagaytay, Laguna de Bay, and the Metro skyline, or in the 2.8-hectare Alpine Villas, which consists of mid-rise towers named Bernese, Blanc, Brienz, Biel, and Basel, all of which command an excellent view of the Crosswinds community.

Outstanding ready-to-occupancy The Swiss Quadrilles and Deux Pointe, as well as The Grand Quartier, are part of this exclusive enclave, including Swiss-chalet-style residences.

What’s great is that you can easily immerse yourself in nature within your community, thanks to Crosswinds’ expansive open spaces, pocket gardens, and trails; central amenity area with a swimming pool, jogging path, and biking trail; and the upcoming strawberry farm and sunflower field.

Crosswinds’ unique restaurant concepts, such as Dear Joe, Windmill at Lausanne, Café Yama, Joe’s Tavern, and Andersen’s Bakery, as well as Cafe Voila, Ruined Project?, Coffee Project, and Napa at Crosswinds, offer modern comforts.

Environmentally inspired lifestyle destinations

In addition to Forresta, Pievana, and Crosswinds, Brittany offers a variety of homes, high-end condominiums, and lot-only properties in outstanding locations, including Bern in Baguio, Pontevedra Estate in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and Portofino in Villar City, Alabang.

Photo 06 Forresta 1
Elegance, exclusivity, and nature will unquestionably characterize Forresta’s residential offerings, which are envisioned to become one of the most prestigious addresses designated for the wealthy few.

Brittany is preparing to introduce a series of luxurious leisure developments poised to become premier lifestyle destinations in key regions nationwide. Brittany’s new luxury initiatives will create an environment that nurtures, entertains, and inspires a select few to live and invest in an ultra-comfortable setting.

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