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Naughty Boys MaxNat Captures PH Heartdisks love and cheers with 1st Solo Fancon

Bea Rollo



maxnat fan meeting manila

It is indeed an evening full of excitement as BL love tandem “Max” Kornthas Rujeerattanavorapan and “Nat” Natasitt Uareksit more popularly known by their ship name, “MaxNat” charms the crowd for Naughty Babe 1st Fanmeeting in Manila, their first solo fancon at the SM North SkyDome, last January 20, Saturday.

In partnership with WishUsLuck Entertainment, MakeItLive, Mandee, and APlan—the duo has set their stopover in Manila.

Following the success of their Naughty Babe series, the duo have been touring around the globe to meet their fans and share memorable moments with them. Well, the ecstatic experience of the tour has now made its way to the Philippines.

The PressCon: Getting to Know MaxNat

A very dashing MaxNat meets the members of the press before starting their highly anticipated show. Greeting everyone with warm smiles and sat down to share some exclusive insights about their journey as a love team moreover in their Naughty Babe series.

Max also expressed one of the reasons why they wanted to return to the country for their fan meeting.

“I’m so happy to return here again because when I knew that I was gonna come here, it reminded me of the first time that we had our first fan meeting. The Philippines is one of our favorite countries, when the fans cheer so high it gives us so much energy; this is our first impression that we wanted to return here again,” Max says.

“Because I played the role of ‘Khondiao’ it opened a lot of doors of opportunities. I have the chance to see the fans and explore a lot of things, and because of that we can see each other here today,” Max added.


Nat, who had also expressed his utmost appreciation towards their Heartdisks (MaxNat’s fans) who are their inspiration throughout their success.

“It is something that I am thankful for, I totally agree with Max–-because of that we have concerts and I learned that we have a lot of fans. I have love from around the world,” Nat shared.

FanCon: A Love Like MaxNat’s

The show kicks starts with a performance from the tandem with the OST of their Naughty Babe Series, “Love, Love, Love”. MaxNat also made a much-loved fan service as they went off stage to roam around to hand out flowers to fans.

Solo stages for the duo also took place as they performed soundtracks for the series. Max sang his heart out to “From Now On,” and Nat with “Naughty Boy”.

Heartdisks present at the event also shared fun interactions as they played games such as a pass-the-message game called “Follow My Lead” and a relay game, “Heartdisk Relay”.

A surprise rendition of Nadine Lustre and James Reid’s “Hanap Hanap ” as a gift for their PH Heartdisks.

Finally, the show closes with heartfelt love and appreciation from MaxNat.