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NCT DoJaeJung Wows PH NCTZens In ‘Perfume’ FanCon in Manila

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nct dojajejung fan con in manila

NCT Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo, also known as NCT Dojaejung, the globally renowned K-pop sensation, recently captivated the hearts of fans in Manila with their enchanting Perfume Fancon in Manila.

The scintillating event, held at a packed venue, left concertgoers breathless as NCT’s powerful performances, mesmerizing visuals, and innovative staging transported them to a world of aromatic delight. 

nct dojaejung ph nctzens
Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy

Let us delve into the memorable NCT Dojaejung Scented Symphony: Perfume Fancon concert experience in Manila.

A Harmonious Fusion of Music and Fragrance

The Perfume Fancon concept showcased NCT’s ingenuity by fusing music and fragrance, creating an immersive multisensory experience for fans. The stage was beautifully adorned by the fans.

From sweet and fresh scents to musky and mysterious aromas, each fragrance accompanied NCT’s performances, evoking different emotions and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Unforgettable Performances and Mesmerizing Choreography

NCT DoHaeJung‘s performance at the Perfume Fancon was nothing short of extraordinary. The boys showcased their exceptional vocal abilities and impeccable dance skills.

They kicked off their fancon with their song “Kiss”, one of the B-side tracks from their album Perfume. The idols also perfomed their other tracks “Can We Go Back”, “Dive”, “Perfume” and “Ordinary”. 

Fan Interaction and Heartwarming Moments

NCT DoJaeJung love for their fans was palpable throughout the Perfume Fancon. They greeted the NCTzens with “Mabuhay”, “Mahal Kita” and “Kamusta”. The members took the time to engage with the audience and expressing their gratitude for the support received in Manila.


The boys shared that they haven’t tried any Filipino dishes but Jungwoo stated that he want to try Halo-halo while Lechon for Doyoung .

When asked ,”Which song from the album suits each member well?.

Doyoung answered, “I think Jungwoo is definitely Strawberry Sunday and I think Jaehyun is, so he fits on Kiss!” He asked the fans for songs that could fit him, as he is confident that NCTzens knows what songs suit him best, and he chooses the group’s B-side “Dive”

“If you could describe the filipino NCTzens in 1 word, think of 1 word,” Jaehyun immediately responded, “Vanilla, sweet as vanilla”, and the crowd went wild.

Jaehyun said “We’re back with new music and style. I guess the that’s best part of coming back here.

When asked who NCT member to add to their unit, Doyoung choosed Mark since he’s a perfect rapper for the group.

3 lucky NCTZens were able to play partnered with Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo, where they’ll guess the words related to NCT DJJ’s songs.


A Memorable Finale

The NCT DJJ Perfume Fancon reached its climax with a grand finale that encapsulated the essence of the entire event. NCT’s final performance perfectly blended energy, passion, and showmanship.

Before the show ended, Doyoung said, “It’s actually the first time for us to have a concert here as NCT Do Jaejung, and I’m so thankful. I want you guys to stay healthy so we can see each other again.”

Jaehyun stated, “I definitely had fun tonight, and I miss you all.”

Jungwoo added the fact I got to spend time with you is a lovely feeling. I’d like to thank all of you for your hot response. We hope you keep cheering for us, and remember that we are always here for you as well.”

nct dojaejung in manila
Photo by Jacquelou Colitoy

The NCT Dojaejung Scented Symphony: Perfume Fancon in Manila was a one-of-a-kind concert that combined the strength of music with the allure of fragrance. The performances of NCT were mesmerizing, the choreography was faultless, and the visual production was breathtaking. Fans in Manila who attended the Perfume Fancon were treated to an unforgettable evening of music and genuine moments of connection with their adored idols.


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