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Kim Woo Bin & Kim Sung Kyun to Team Up in New Korean Action-Comedy Movie ‘Officer Black Belt’

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officer black belt netflix

Officer Black Belt is an engrossing action-comedy that deftly intertwines the lives of a probation officer and a “martial arts officer” as they combat crime in their unique and unrelenting ways. Jason Kim, whose Netflix series Bloodhounds reached the Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) list in 83 countries, directed the film.

officer black belt netflix

Kim Woo-bin (Black Knight) portrays the distinct character of a martial arts prodigy with nine dans (ranks) in Taekwondo, Kendo, and Judo in this forthcoming film. This ordinary yet extraordinary young man with an aptitude for detecting crimes is anticipated to captivate audiences with his charisma and martial prowess.

The tale begins with Kim Woo-bin’s character rescuing a “martial arts officer” from an assault by a criminal; this officer partners with a probation officer exclusively for physically hazardous situations. Kim Woo-bin’s character is made a temporary “martial arts officer” for five weeks due to this valiant rescue.

As a devoted probation officer, Kim Sung-kyun’s character recognizes Kim Woo-bin’s exceptional abilities. It suggests he take on a permanent position as a “martial arts officer,” signaling the beginning of their crime-fighting adventures.

Officer Black Belt explores the exciting world of law enforcement officers who keep the community secure through teamwork and specialized crime-fighting skills. This novel action-comedy concept will be helmed by Jason Kim, the director of Midnight Runners and the most recent popular television series Bloodhounds.

Officer Black Belt will be exclusively released on Netflix.