2PM Lee Junho & Girls Generation YooNa talks about joining heartwarming Romantic Comedy Drama ‘King The Land’ after each starred in Heavy Dramas

Korean stars Lee Junho (2PM) and Yoona (Girls’ Generation) have teamed up for the romantic comedy ” King the Land” which will premiere on Netflix on June 18.

The story centers between Gu Won (Junho), a chaebol (family-owned conglomerate) heir who hates fake smiles, and smile-girl c(Yoona), who both become attracted to each other

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Netflix K-drama series King the Land is about those who strive to see the day when they can smile and laugh from the bottom of their hearts.

This is Junho’s newest TV series after starring in the 2022 drama “The Red Sleeve.” It is also Yoona’s new drama after last year’s “Big Mouth.”

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During the press conference for “King the Land” on June 15, Junho and Yoona, together with director Im Hyun-wook, talked about series just a few days before its premiere on June 18 2023.

Too Good to Be True Chemistry between two of the most fashionable K-pop Idols

Who could be a better combination for a classic rom-com drama than Jun Ho and Yoon A, whom fans have been shipping since their 2021 performance? This on-screen relationship between 2 PM and Girls’ Generation has fans wondering and fantasizing about the real-life romance between K-pop idols.

Yoona said she chose the role as Cheon Sa-rang “Because my recent work was ‘Big Mouth,’ I wanted to go with something more bubbly this time and I think people really like when I play bubbly roles, that’s why I chose this show,” she said.

Junho thanked viewers for loving “The Red Sleeve” and for his next work, he chose “King the Land,” saying, “I wanted to go with a lighter sense, a lot of love, a lot of laughter, lots of smiles. I wanted to do something more fun and easygoing, and heartwarming. That is why I chose this project.”

He said his role in the Korean Drama King The Land is a big challenge for him. “It was not an easy choice for me. If there’s a blooper or when ‘cut’ is done, I would burst out laughing. Not just me but everyone would burst out laughing together. And I thought about why he hates smiles.”

Since he is playing the role of a chaebol heir, Junho wears a lot of suits. “I worked together with a great stylist and we had a lot of fittings and I worked out a lot.” he stated.

Junho added, “Even when he is covered with a suit, we wanted to make sure that people can know that he has this great body underneath. I tried to stay fit and I continued to work out on the set,”.

Girls’ Generation YoonA stated to the media, “I’ve known Jun Ho for years, ever since we both entered the music scene around the same time. It was so simple to collaborate with him, and I relied on him heavily.

Attractive characters with exciting backstories

When asked about how was it for the first time that Junho and YoonA have worked together in a drama. YoonA stated, “I think this is the first time we’re meeting in a drama, acting together. Like Junho said, the chemistry between the lead female and lead male actors is most important in a rom-com. So we talked a lot about the scenes and what we wanted to emphasize in the special scenes that really conveyed the relationship between the two,” said YoonA.

She added, “I think like eye contact, the eyes are really important when you are acting and of course, Junho has a great, deep voice. And I think his voice can be powerful.”

 Gu Won, portrayed by Jun Ho, is an heir without a smile with a traumatic past who has endured great harm at the hands of those with smiles and harmful intentions. Jun Ho shared to the media, “I am typically an upbeat individual, so it was hard to maintain composure while filming. As soon as the director said CUT, I laughed, as did I believe everyone else.” Junho also recalled that despite Gu Won’s opulent and unattainable social status, he attempted to portray him as a relatable character. 

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Meanwhile, Yoon A plays Cheon Sa Rang, whose name means “Love” in Korean, and she strives to climb the social ladder with her innocent smile and diligent attitude. However, her warm smile also conceals her traumatic past, which you can discover in a few days exclusively on Netflix!

Not just another romantic comedy, King the Land blends several styles.

Junho assured the audience that they can watch it with ease. “I think we are quite confident that our drama is quite special.” Yoona added, “There are really some catchy lines and scenes. We had really great chemistry on the set. I think that could be something special about King the Land.

Regarding the visuals for the drama, Director Hyun Wook proudly said, “It’s them. I don’t need to do anything more to create something beautiful. They are already so beautiful.”

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When asked about the film’s quality, the filmmaker kept saying, “I tried to make high-quality content. People pursue multi-genre content that includes a little bit of everything. Also, as the producer of a variety TV program, I am thrilled that we were able to incorporate a humorous element! That is my area of expertise.”

Jun Ho shared to the media, “There were aspects of the script that I was astonished to see in a romantic comedy. These minute and varied details make our drama truly unique. I cannot wait until the followers see it.” 

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The drama, set in the context of the chaebol lifestyle and the hoteliers of a chaebol-owned hotel, is about to cover various topics and provide a glimpse into private life. In addition, several actors with a musical background are anticipated to play a significant role in the series, bringing various entertainment elements to the show.

How Can Two Completely Different People Fall in Love with Each Other?

 The series will depict in its various episodes how Gu Won and Sa Rang overcome their reluctance and prejudice and are drawn to each other like a pair of love magnets through the amusing squabbles and humorous situations the two antagonistic characters encounter.

The director stated to the press that he focused on creating a clear character arc that would allow the audience to comprehend why the two couldn’t help but fall in love, so be sure to witness the two lovers from entirely different worlds!

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When asked about debuting as K-pop idols and working together in “King the Land.” Junho stated, “On the set, we just don’t feel like ‘singer comrades’ but we just become Gu Won Cheon Sa-rang themselves. When I’m here with Yoona, it feels like she’s more of a friend of mine. We could like chat and have more fun on the set,”.

Yoona added, “It’s a very pleasant feeling. I feel very good about it because I’ve known him since I was quite young. We were in the music industry together. Now that we’re in a drama, I feel really good. It feels like I’m back in my earlier days. I feel like I’m younger when I’m talking with him since I knew him since I was young. On the set for this series, we would feel very friendly around each other.”

According to Junho, when he first learned that he would be working with Yoona, “I thought she was the perfect fit for Cheon Sa-rang.”

YoonA responded, “I felt the same way. He is a very versatile actor himself. And I think only Junho can pull off this role.”

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King the Land, which fans and the media eagerly anticipate, will premiere on June 18, 2023 exclusively on Netflix


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