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The cast of ‘Queen of Tears’ Talks About Their Role, Behind-The-Scenes and More at the Press Conference

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netflix queen of tears global press conference

The press conference for the upcoming Korean drama “Queen of Tears” took place on March 07, 2024, with lead actors Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Park Sung Hoon, Kwak Dong Yeon, Lee Joo Been together with Director Jang Young-woo and Director Kim Hee-won.

Queen of Tears tells the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of a married couple who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds.

kdrama queen of tears presscon netflix
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Director Jang Young-woo expressed gratitude for the growing interest in K-dramas worldwide, emphasizing that “Queen of Tears” encapsulates all the romance and fun elements that make K-dramas beloved by audiences globally.

When asked what is the most special about this work, Director Kim Hee-won highlighted the uniqueness of the series, attributing its special qualities to the stellar cast seated at the conference. He said, “The five sitting here explain it all. I am sure fans joining today love these actors. It’s really a burden on my shoulders since it’s my first time at a big event like this. I hope to make a good impression on you today”.


Kim Soo Hyun’s Return and Role Selection

Kim Soo Hyun, returning to the screen after a three-year hiatus, shared his excitement about the role of Baek Hyun Woo, a character entangled in the complexities of marriage and love.

“I am returning after 3 years. Thank you so much for waiting for such a long time. It was a full year of intense filming for this series. Yes, with great directors and such considerate and kind staff. Thanks for the good work for the last year I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all” KIM SOO HYUN

Kim Ji Won expressed her gratitude for joining the exceptional cast and directors, citing her curiosity about the characters’ stories as the driving force behind her decision to be a part of “Queen of Tears.”

“By reading the script I was curious to learn the story of these characters i wanted to know how this story will turn out. I’m sure that the viewers will feel the curiosity and emotions I experienced.” kIM JI WON

Park Sunghoon and Kwak Dong Yeon also discussed their reasons for joining the series, emphasizing the captivating script, experienced directors, and the opportunity to work with remarkable co-stars.

“Reading the script, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the script. There were some twists on the script these two directors are so well known in the industry. They are great as people and as directors. I was added in as one of the last characters. there was no reason not to join but with great staff and directors by my side”. Park Sung-hoon

“Having these amazing characters interact with each other. The conflicts and the dramas that they create. I have worked with many of these people before” Kwak dong yeon

Lee Joo Bin shared her excitement about joining the cast, expressing her admiration for her fellow actors and the privilege of working with such talented individuals.

Casting Process

Director Jang Young-woo opened up about the casting process, emphasizing the importance of understanding the characters created by screenwriter Park Ji-Eun. He revealed, “Hee-won and I visited each actor personally to ask them to join us. Fortunately, they were all thrilled to be a part of the project. It was a smooth and joyous process.”

kdrama queen of tears presscon
Photo credits: Netflix

Director Kim Hee-won shared his experience with the senior actors, expressing gratitude for their assistance during the casting phase. He emphasized the importance of top priorities during the preparation stage, stating, “After the casting was over, I realized for the first time in my career that all of the actors were my first choice! It’s truly remarkable.”

Director Jang Young woo and Director Kim Hee won queen of tears press conference

In addition to the core cast, Kim hinted at the presence of surprise cameos, teasing audiences of unexpected appearances from esteemed actors. “There are lots of surprise cameos, even from actors with busy schedules. I am so grateful that they made time for us. I can’t think about any other actors than these; everyone was our top priority.” Kim revealed, adding to the anticipation surrounding the show’s release.

Behind-the-Scenes Moments

The actors shared amusing behind-the-scenes stories, highlighting director Jang Young-woo’s unique way of directing and his role as a comforting presence on set.


Kim Soo Hyun stated that his memorable moment was during the filming in Germany. With a glint of excitement in his eyes, he shared, “For me, a fun episode from the filming? A heart-fluttering moment maybe? We filmed part of it in Germany. The scene was very emotional, so I was very nervous. I felt a lot of pressure, and since we were abroad, the atmosphere was different, the lighting was different. It added to the emotional scene in Germany.”

The hint dropped by Kim Soo Hyun about the scene shot in Germany left fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the drama.

Turning the spotlight to Kim Ji Won, she delighted everyone with a humorous anecdote about the cast shared memes and inside jokes. “Well, as for us, there were memes that we shared. There is a kind of way of speech that our director, Jang Young-woo, uses. He is very sweet and gentle in speech, but it is also very unique. When Jang Young-woo is directing, he makes our hearts flutter. We would copy his words and phrases, so that became a trend among us.”

The revelation of the cast mimicking the director’s speech patterns provided a peek into the playful dynamics on set, showcasing the strong bond among the actors.

Actor Kwak Dong Yeon chimed in with his insights, likening their director to a nurturing figure. “To add on, he is like our mother. He tries to console us. He will be like, to make us act well, ‘You will be able to do it right,’ ‘You’re doing great, honey!’ It’s exactly like that!”

With Kwak Dong Yeon’s portrayal of the director, it shows that the bond among the cast and crew extended beyond the screen, creating a warm and supportive environment for everyone involved.

Chemistry Among the Cast

When asked about the great chemistry among the cast, Director Jang Young-woo stated, “It was their first time acting as a married couple, and I couldn’t imagine them as husband and wife. I was pleasantly surprised at their chemistry. So, look out for that,” he teased, generating heightened excitement in the venue.

netflix queen of tears press conference seoul
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Amidst the revelations, Director Jang Young-woo shared a personal moment of his own, recounting a heart-fluttering experience during the filming process. “There is a line, ‘You aren’t going to answer?’ I would answer while monitoring how great she was as Hae-in. For Kim Soo Hyun, he made me surprised. So, look out for that!” he hinted, leaving the audience curious about the upcoming drama’s unexpected twists and turns.

Directors’ Focus and Must-See Scenes

When questioned about the scenes that viewers cannot afford to miss. Director Kim Hee-won emphasized the depth and impact of the series’ final episode, “There are so many scenes! I will say the last scene of episode 16. That will complete the work”.


Actress Lee Joo Been shared a memorable moment that left the cast in stitches. “I remember the Jesa scene. You have to see all of the episodes. I had to hold back my laughter; it was so much fun,” she reminisced, offering a glimpse into the light-hearted moments.

While Kwak Dong Yeon treaded carefully, wary of revealing too much while hinting at the twists and turns that lie ahead. “I don’t know how far I can say this. I don’t want to give out spoilers. Whatever you are thinking of, you can’t say it. Since it’s a 16-episode drama, there is a plot twist you should look out for,” he teased, leaving audiences eager to unravel the mysteries that await them.

Adding to the intrigue, Park Sung Hoon dropped a teasing a pivotal moment that promises to shake the very foundation of the series. “I think there will be some plot twists starting at episode 8. The helicopter scene,” he divulged, setting the stage for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and revelations.

Kim Ji-won transported viewers to the enchanting landscapes of Germany, promising breathtaking scenes that tug at the heartstrings. “There were scenes in Germany, many beautiful and heart-warming scenes there. So, stay tuned for those scenes,” she shared.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun offered a glimpse into the nature of the series. “It is a romantic comedy, but I also did some action. Please look forward to it!” he teased.

Emotional Scenes

In response to a question about memorable ‘crying’ scenes, Kim Ji Won responded, “Memorable for me? Well, there is not one particular scene. Hae-in looks really cold-hearted; she looks so strong. She wants to keep that facade, so when she struggles in life, that’s when she sheds tears for the first time,” Kim Ji Won shared, hinting at a powerful transformation in her character.”

queen of tears korean drama press conference
Photo courtesy of Netflix

Kim Soo Hyun, known for his exceptional acting skills, added a touch of humor to the discussion. “There are some fans I heard that they love to see me cry on the scene,” he admitted, eliciting laughter from the audience. The host, acknowledging Soo Hyun’s prowess in portraying raw emotions, suggested to viewers, “Because you are great at crying scenes! So I think those people will love seeing the ‘Queen of Tears.’ So try crying along with him.”

Director Kim Hee-won, shedding light on the emotional journey the cast and crew underwent during filming, confessed to his own vulnerability.

“I really did cry a lot with him. I usually don’t cry a lot, but the writing has many emotional scenes at the end. It made me emotional along the ride. We said that we filmed this for a year. During the year of filming together, we got close and made connections. It was bittersweet; we didn’t want to say goodbye to each other. There are tears of sadness and tears of happiness, sometimes tears of despair. It portrays all feelings that humans can feel,” Director Kim Hee-won

press conference queen of tears kdrama
Photo courtesy of Netflix

The press conference ended on a high note, leaving fans eager to witness the love story and emotional moments of upcoming Korean Drama “Queen of Tears.” Premieres on March 9, 2024 via Netflix

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