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Netflix ‘The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch’ Sparks Anticipation with the Unveiling of Their Teaser Poster

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the uncanny counter 2 netflix series

Fans of the hit South Korean supernatural drama series, The Uncanny Counter, are in for a treat as the highly anticipated second season, CounterPunch, will make its way to Netflix this July. With an international fan base awaiting arrival, the series is expected to deliver another thrilling and action-packed installment.

Directed by the talented Yoo Seon Dong and written by Yeo Ji Na and Kim Sae Bom, The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and impressive visual effects. The series, based on the popular Daum webtoon Amazing Rumour by author Jang Yi, has gained critical acclaim and a dedicated following since its debut.

the uncanny counter 2 netflix

Produced by BETTY & Creators and developed by Studio Dragon, the second season promises to be a compelling continuation of the story that fans have grown to love. With the return of the entire main cast, viewers can expect the same level of exceptional performances that made the first season such a success.

The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch

Scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Saturday, July 29th, 2023. However, before it arrives on the popular streaming platform, the episodes will first be broadcast on tVN, allowing dedicated fans to catch them earlier. This will generate excitement and anticipation among Korean and international viewers.

netflix the uncanny counter 2

In an intriguing development, the second season will consist of twelve episodes, four fewer than its predecessor. However, fans need not worry, as the episodes are set to be packed with thrilling content and captivating storylines.

Starting from the premiere date, new episodes of The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch will be available on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday for six weeks. The highly anticipated finale is scheduled to air on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023.

Adding to the excitement, the second season introduces Yoo In Soo to the main cast, portraying Na Jeok Bong. With the return of the familiar faces that fans have grown attached to and the addition of a new talented actor, The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch is expected to deliver an even more captivating and enthralling storyline.


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