NEW LASEMA SPA JJIMJILBANG: Authentic Korean Spa Experience In MAKATI 2023

If you’re into a Korean Drama, you will definitely notice that Koreans love going to the spa and enjoy getting a massage. We found a similar Korean spa that is similar to all the KDrama’s that you idolize and love! Fans will need to go to LASEMA in Makati.

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To fully enjoy the spa experience, everyone needs to be a bit open-minded. Everyone needs to take a shower. It’s similar to a European setting which means strictly no mobile phones are allowed in the locker room or shower room.

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What to expect at Lasema spa?

Visitors can use the steam room and hot shower

The best part would be the jacuzzi, where for now one pool is open which is the Green Tea pool because of the pandemic.

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Nail spa

You will be walking around barefoot with your towels. Before you go to the next floor, visitors can also have their nails then at the Nail spa. You’ll first notice the Korean gate which is basically a seating area for visitors to relax.

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Several Sauna and cave rooms

Once you go upstairs you will be surrounded by the kilns, sauna rooms, and cave rooms.

Before anything else, you have to wrap the towel around your head the way they do it in Korea. You can ask the staff to help you.

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Himalayan Salt Room

It’s hot but the heat is tolerable where can you lie down and relax on the salt. Just make sure to bring a hard neck pillow from the entrance.

Ochre Hot Kilin: This room is extremely hot! Unless you’re used to a hot sauna or hot weather then you can take the heat. We were roughly there for around 8 minutes.

Pine Tree Kilin: This is the least hot of all the rooms where you can actually sit or relax.

Ice Room

The ice room is covered with ice and lights on the ceiling! It’s the perfect way to head your spa with your feet also freezing on the ice room pavement.

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Cave room

If you just want to simply down and relax; just grab a mat and lie down in the cave room. You can also switch off/on the lights. You can also sleep above the cave room.

Sleeping room

If just want to simply relax and sleep, you can head up to the sleeping room. Their sleeping chairs are so comfy! The best part is that WiFi and TV are also available in the sleeping room.

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They have spa, gym and playroom

The spa also comes complete with a gym and playroom. The gym is available to use but the playroom has been temporarily converted to a sleeping room. Once done, you can finally go for an epic massage.

The massage is one of the highlights of the spa since they crack your neck, back, and hips. It was an amazing experience! Don’t forget to leave a tip for the masseur. 🙂

You can dine-in and enjoy their delicious Korean dishes

If you’re hungry, you can also sit down and dine-in like a Korean at their Korean restaurant where they have all your favorite Korean dishes including Kimbap, kimichi and topokki! You can also sit down, eat and watch the fishes go by.

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They have three aquariums in the spa! You can also set up and use your laptop in the spa. You can ask the staff for the WiFi password since each floor has a different password.

Before you leave, don’t forget to take an awesome photo by their Instagrammable poster. We couldn’t leave without taking a photo! Trust us guys! You’ll love this place since we are planning to come back here soon!

How much is Lasema spa?

Price of full package: P1388 per pax (Mon-Thurs) and P1488 per pax (Fri-Sat and Holidays)


  • You’ll receive one (1) 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 box of cookies and brownies
  • Get the full package: Good for 12 hour stay/access to Jjim Jil Bang + Wet Sauna + 1 hr Massage/Scrub
  • Price of full package: P1388 per pax (Mon-Thurs) and P1488 per pax (Fri-Sat and Holidays)
  • Must be at least 2 pax; Valid until Feb. 28, 2021



  • Address: 8846 Sampaloc st. Cor. Estrella st. San Antonio village Makati, Philippines
  • Opening Hours: 5AM- 12MN (Everyday)
  • Parking Available: Yes but limited
  • Food Available: Yes
  • WiFi Available: Yes and really fast!

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  1. I already watched your vlog and I super love it 😃 kdrama fan ako kaya talagang goal ko na makapunta sa mga sauna like ng nakikita ko madalas sa mga kdrama. I love that there’s a place like lasema where I can experience authentic korean spa/sauna.

  2. Really appreciate that it’s here in our country! All full amenities and services which we usually see on our fave Korean drama and movies!

  3. Ganda naman dito parang nasa korea kana din ito yung madalas makita ko sa kdrama nakakatuwa kasi meron na din dito sa atin very affordable pa🥰🥰


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