These Personalities Step Up Their Content Game With The New Wireless And Water-Resistant Samsung Sound Tower

Music is more potent than most people realize; it can set the tone for parties, invigorate exercises, or provide ambiance in a room. Samsung accentuates all of life’s experiences with powerful sound from the brand-new Sound Tower MX-ST50B, a necessity given the significance of music.

Samsung Sound Tower MX ST50B
Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B | Photo by Samsung Philippines

Here is how some of the nation’s most prominent figures appreciate the Samsung Sound Tower:

Starting the celebration off

Sound Tower Lifestyle Samsung Sound Tower MX ST50B
Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B | Photo by Samsung Philippines

With its exceptional sound experience, bi-directional sound for a wide soundstage, and Bass Booster to amplify low frequencies and add power to music, it should come as no surprise that some of the most in-demand DJs and dancers in the country consider the Samsung Sound Tower to be a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

The Sound Tower aids these DJs in creating musical magic. This is a must-have for DJ CRWN and Katsy Lee, as the Sound Tower fulfills all of their requirements, particularly the onboard DJ effects, and Party Lights. DJ Euric, on the other hand, appreciates its portability the most, bringing it to concerts and out-of-town destinations thanks to its internal battery. “Music is meant to be shared, and I can’t think of a better way to share your favorite songs than Samsung’s Sound Tower,” he explains.

And for dancers like Tik Rosquillo, Aennon Tabungar, and Ysai Castro, the Samsung Sound Tower enhances their dance routines wherever they are to the tune of their beloved songs. With its wireless design and 18-hour battery life, the Samsung Sound Tower frees dance enthusiasts from the confines of studios and rehearsal spaces.”

Adding vitality to your workouts

Sound Tower MX ST50B Sound Tower Lifestyle
Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B | Photo by Samsung Philippines

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you that music can make or break a workout; it’s not just for celebrations. Fortunately, the Samsung Sound Tower can keep up with the most strenuous fitness regimens and has an IPX5 waterproof rating that protects it from sweat and water spills.

The Samsung Sound Tower enhances the workouts of fitness experts and devotees Gabby Dario and Patricia Prieto by providing the ideal atmosphere and inspiration. Gabby enjoys its bi-directional sound because it makes it simpler to maneuver on the bike or mat. At the same time, Patricia appreciates the Bluetooth multi-connection that allows her to pair two devices and work out with her sister simultaneously.

Both multi-hyphenate Wynwyn Marquez and entrepreneur Janina Manipol are adept at multitasking. Due to her numerous roles as an actress, model, dancer, and mother, Wynwyn must maximize her workout time, and the Samsung Sound Tower enables her to do so. And for Janina, the portability of the Sound Tower is its most attractive feature, as it allows her to exercise whenever and wherever her schedule permits.

Creating ambiance and relaxing

The Samsung Sound Tower can deliver the energy and hyper-vibe, but it is also the ideal companion for chilling out and creating a tranquil atmosphere. There are a variety of light modes that correspond to the rhythm that can be readily adjusted via the mobile app.

The dynamic lighting effects enable fashion content creator and one of Manila’s most stylish men, Jeff Ong, to set the desired tone and produce editorial-level content. “Good music sets the tone for a successful shoot,” he explains. Justin Quirino, an all-around host, and podcaster, reveals the most entertaining way he utilizes the Samsung Sound Tower: karaoke! “The Samsung Sound Tower’s battery life is an astounding 18 hours. That includes 18 hours of karaoke.” And with the Samsung Sound Tower’s Wireless TV connection, he can enjoy a genuinely authentic karaoke experience complete with visuals.

With the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B, you can enjoy music in any way possible and in a manner that complements your lifestyle. Visit for more information!