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Nodeulseom Island: A Fun Modern Family Island In South Korea

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Under the Hangangdaegyo Bridge, which connects Dongsan and Noryangjin, is where Nodeulseom is. It is turning into the musical island of the Hangang River. So, it has a cultural complex focusing on music and ecological forests. It opened for business on September 28, 2019.

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Image Courtesy: visitkorea

The music cultural space is the main building on Nodeulseom music island (a gross area of 9,747 m2). It was just built on the west side of the Hangangdaegyo bridge, facing Yongsan. The three-story building has different levels that are arranged in a way that fits in well with Nodeulseom’s natural surroundings. Through this building, people can get into Nodeulseom without going down the stairs from the Hangangdaegyo Bridge.

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Image Courtesy: visitkorea

There is a hall that can be used for many different things. These range from lectures to international events on the east side of the Hangangdaegyo Bridge.

Nodeul Forest

The Nodeul Forest takes up the rest of Nodeulseom. Protecting the island’s natural ecosystem includes a place for eastern narrow-mouthed toads to live. But a passageway leads right from the multipurpose hall to the music cultural space.

The spaces of Nodeulseom are not only for music but also for many different ways of life. These books, clothes, markets, and foods offer tourists a lot of must-see fun.

Nodeul Book Store

15 independent bookstores and publishers directly organize the bookshelves in the Nodeul Book Store. table has a monthly dinner program led by well-known chefs or cultural figures.

When you leave the music cultural space, you will see a grassy area of about 3,000 m2 that stretches away from the Hangangdaegyo Bridge. The lawn is sometimes used as an outdoor stage for performances that can fit between 1,000 and 3,000 people. It is also an excellent place for a picnic and watch the Hangang River.

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Image Courtesy: visitkorea

Nodeulseom was brought back to life after a three-stage design contest and two years of building. The building process began in 2013, when Seoul and its citizens and experts started to look for a good way to use the area. On the west side of the island, there is also a helipad.


A lot of people think this place is an excellent place to have a family picnic, since it’s easy to bring a lunch and have a great day trip near the river. There’s also plenty of room to move around and play games. Children learn a lot from these kinds of events. Visitors can experience the cool breeze from the Han river makes walking around the island a lot of fun.

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Image Courtesy: visitkorea

Visitors can also get a cup of coffee or a meal at one of the cafes or restaurants. A new tree now lives in the lower part of the building complex. People are writing about their hopes and dreams for the year 2021. Going all the way around the island was also very interesting. It’s not too hard, and you can easily walk around two or three times.

From the east side of this island, you can also see the 63 buildings and the Yeouido hangang park. The view is excellent. This island is also where the Netflix Kdrama Start Up was filmed. That is so cool to get to see some of the cool places where these movies are made.

Fun fact: This is one of the filming location of Korean Drama titled ‘Start Up’.

More Info About Nodeulseom Island

Location: 445, Yangnyeong-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Parking facilities : Available


Day off : Mondays, New Year’s Day, & the day of Seollal (Korean New Year’s Day) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

Opening Hours :
[Outdoors] Open 24 hr
[Indoor facilities] 09:00-21:30
[Cultural facilities] 12:00-20:00

Visitors can get off the bus at the Nodeulseom bus stop or walk along the Hangangdaegyo Bridge for about 10 to 15 minutes to get to Nodeulseom. You can also park there. Nodeul Station is the next subway stop (subway Line 9).

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