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Old Spice Reveals The NEWEST Ninja Move




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Ninjas are masters of disguise. They’re swift, out of sight, and always catch you off guard. You never know when they’ll show up! Every spritz of the new Old Spice Pocket Spray, which is tiny in size but strong in aroma, delivers the same thrilling surprise.

Photo courtesy: Old spice

Undercover and on-the-go

As a true ninja, every manly man should always be prepared for battle. Fortunately, Old Spice Pocket Spray is small enough to fit in any pocket – your trousers, jacket, or shirt pocket! The best part is that no one will think you’re always carrying around a powerful fragrance spray.

Do you want to go on a vehicle date? Are you going for a run in the park? Do you have any errands to run? Take your Old Spice Pocket Spray and spritz away when no one is watching. Keep your buddy, companion, or significant someone guessing how and where you got your freshening up — it’s a Ninja’s secret!


All-day fragrance made affordable

You don’t have to worry about spritzing all the time, though. Although the Old Spice pocket spray is small, it has the same intense aroma as any other Old Spice product at a considerably lower price. The scent of Old Spice Pocket Spray lasts up to 24 hours, allowing you to enjoy #TheSmellThatNeverDies all day, every day.


Ready to make your Ninja move?

You’re ready to make your Ninja moves with Old Spice Pocket Spray if you want a fragrance weapon that’s small but potent and keeps you smelling fresh all day! Get yours today at all leading supermarkets nationwide or from the comfort of your home on the P&G Beauty Official Store in Lazada and Shopee.

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