Korean actress Park Eun Bin Brought the Sunshine to Rainy Manila During Her ‘Aromagicare’ Press Conference

Extraordinary Attorney Woo star Park Eun-Bin returned to Manila for a fan meeting as the first Korean ambassador of the Filipino brand Aromagicare. The successful event was held last Saturday, June 24, 2023, at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao. Hours before this special reunion with her PH Bingos, the name of Park Eun-Bin’s fan group, the Daesang awardee sat down with the media for an exclusive interview. 

park eun bin manila press conference
Park Eun Bin ‘Aromagicare’ Press Conference | Photo by Ana Gonzales

During the press conference held at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, the actress definitely lit up the intimate venue with her huge smile, glowing skin, and beautiful aura. Her presence brought sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day in Manila. Park Eun-Bin said that she was really happy when she found out that she’s coming back to the Philippines for Aromagicare. She even brought with her Filipino words such as bongga!, Mahal ko kayo, and Salamat po!

During her fan meeting last October 2022, Park Eun-Bin wasn’t expecting that people would greet her at the airport, but this time the humble actress made sure to meet her fans who have been waiting for her return.

Park Eun-Bin on Traveling and Relaxing

Aside from Manila, Park Eun-Bin said that she has already been to Cebu before, and hopefully, she can also visit Boracay. She is not really into bodies of water and scuba diving, but she would love to swim and try delicious Filipino foods. “I don’t want to hop around different places, but I would like to stay in one tourist spot and just chill,” she added. 

“When you use Aromagicare, it is really relaxing; that’s why I would like to use it while chilling in beautiful places,” the actress said, mentioning her recent endorsement as her stress reliever. As for her self-care tips, Park Eun-Bin said that after working hard, she just lays down in bed and does nothing. And, of course, applying the relaxing products of Aromagicare also helps her relax. 

The actress also said that since she hasn’t been around the Philippines yet, she is very much open to recommendations from her fans so she can look into them during her free time. Aside from Aromagicare, she said that her travel essentials are her mobile phone and charger. “Those are enough!” said the simple yet charming actress.

Park Eun-Bin as an Actress

When asked about her role as Attorney Woo, from the Kdrama that really shot her popularity to another level, Park Eun-Bin said that she is delighted that this character was well-received even from viewers outside of Korea. “We may have different languages and cultures, but the drama was still given so much love. It was a very happy moment for me,” she said. “Thank you for also understanding the subtitles!” she added.

Park Eun-Bin also said that she equally loves all the characters she played through the years, but she also hopes that her upcoming role as Seo Mok Ha will also receive much support. “I want to say my best character will be my future character. So please look forward to it,” she said, teasing her fans with her new Korean drama.

Park Eun-Bin revealed a little about this new project when she was asked about her current favorite K-pop songs.

“I love K-pop, but right now, I am listening to my song. As mentioned earlier, in my next project Diva of the Deserted Island, my character wants to become a singer, so I have been practicing a lot. Hopefully, next time, since there is an OST in that Kdrama, I want to perform it also to my Filipino fans,” Park Eun-Bin chimed. 

Park Eun-Bin as Daesang Awardee

Park Eun-Bin started her career as an actress when she was still five years old. She said that she really wanted to get that grand prize ever since she was a kid. After receiving the prestigious award, a lot of people asked her if she felt burdened by it, to which the actress responded, “After achieving my goal, even if I do not have a new goal now, I am still very happy. That is why now, I might not be able to say what else I want to achieve, but I just want to enjoy this happy moment.”

“Baeksang is like a compilation of all awards in Korea. It’s not only for drama but also for music, movies, variety shows, and everything. And I heard that the grand prize usually goes to a project,” Park Eun-Bin said when she talked about her Daesang. “Last year, Squid Games won the grand prize, but this year it wasn’t Extraordinary Attorney Woo –I received it as Park Eun Bin. As an artist, I am still young, so this is really a big deal for me. I will do my best, step by step, and not be stuck even after receiving this grand prize,” she added.

The actress said that seeing how other people are happier than her makes her feel even more happier. She has watched some of the reaction videos of her fans and dedicated the award to them as well. “We were all together when I got this award,” she said. 

With milestones come stories of challenges. When asked about the biggest hurdle in her career, here’s the inspiring actress’ reply:

“When I have to mention a challenge, I always say that every moment is a challenge for me. I don’t say it out loud during that moment, but when it’s done, I will realize to myself, “This is one of my challenges.” My mom taught me that I shouldn’t wait for my birthday; instead, I should always think that every day is my birthday. That’s why I always think that every day is a blessing; every day is special to me.”


Park Eun-Bin is such an inspiring actress not only for her dedication to her craft but also for her disposition in life. She is successful but still very down-to-earth. No wonder her Bingos love her truly; she is a sunshine and a breath of fresh air. Here’s her final message to her Filipino fans before meeting them that night:

“First of all, thank you for the warm support and love you’ve been giving me. I want to absorb all the positive energy from my Filipino fans and go back to Korea to get new good projects that I can show to you in the future. I know it’s the rainy season here in the Philippines, so please take care and always stay dry. And I hope I can go back here in Manila and have good moments again. Be healthy always, and hope we gain new memories together. Mahal ko kayo!”