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Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo Enhances Sustainability Initiatives by Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles in Guest Rooms




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Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo, a prominent player in the hospitality industry, is pleased to proclaim a significant advancement in its sustainability efforts. With a commitment to environmental preservation, the hotel is taking significant steps to reduce its ecological footprint and improve its sustainable practices.

Due to the pervasive use of single-use bottled water, hotels have long been contributors to plastic pollution. Recognizing this environmental challenge in the tourism industry, Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo is boldly moving forward by removing single-use bottled water from guest rooms, thereby significantly reducing its plastic footprint.

Eliminating Single-Use Bottled Water: Adopting Water Stations with Reusable Carafes and UV Filtration

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Hotel food waste composting bins at Crisel Integrated Farms | Photo by Park Inn by Radisson IIoilo

Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo is at the forefront of the eco-friendly movement by eliminating single-use bottled water from its guest rooms and instituting reusable carafes as a standard amenity beginning in July. Water stations equipped with UV filtration systems are strategically placed throughout the hotel to ensure that all visitors can access clean, safe drinking water. This initiative is anticipated to prevent tens of thousands of plastic bottles from accessing landfills and waterways each year, resulting in a significant environmental benefit.

Leveraging Current Sustainable Efforts

The Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo’s journey towards sustainability continues beyond this point. Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo has implemented a number of eco-friendly practices, nurturing a green environment and assisting the local community.

Locally Sourced Ingredients on Restaurant Menus

The hotel takes pride in that a substantial portion of its menu ingredients come from local producers and suppliers. By prioritizing locally grown produce and products, Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo contributes to the local economy, reduces its carbon footprint, and ensures that guests enjoy the finest regional flavors.

A Circular Business Approach in Collaboration with Crisel Integrated Farms

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In the photo (L-R): Camille Villones, HR Supervisor of Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo, Jaycie Macula, Purchasing Supervisor of Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo, Chef Leah Magallanes, VP for Quality and Sustainability of SM Hotels & Conventions Corp., Ms. Elna Romero, owner of Crisel Integrated Farm, Chef Rhyan Villahermosa, Executive Sous Chef of Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo & John Frey Gange, Marketing & Communications Supervisor of Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo. | Photo by Park Inn Radisson IIoilo

Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo has partnered with Crisel Farms, a local organic farm, to combat food waste circularly. Utilizing bokashi composting techniques, the hotel converts food refuse into nutrient-rich compost, significantly reducing its contribution to landfills. In addition, as part of this circular business model, the hotel repurchases crops from Crisel Farms to use in its restaurants, closing the food supply chain’s loop and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

These new initiatives reaffirm our dedication to preserving the environment and assisting the local community. By eliminating single-use water bottles and adopting reusable carafes and water stations with UV filtration, we hope to reduce plastic waste significantly. Moreover, our partnerships with local farms demonstrate our commitment to a circular business model in which we actively reduce food waste and promote sustainable agriculture. Ogie Manuel, the general manager of Park Inn by Radisson Iloilo, stated as much.


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