Get cute Pau-Pau collectible items thru Foodpanda Shops

He’s cute, pink, and enjoys fun and thrilling activities. Do you recognize him? It’s none other than Pau-Pau, the food panda’s mascot and brand ambassador. The first Pau-Pau collectibles are now available in the Philippines at Foodpanda outlets.

These collectibles are adorable figurines that can be placed atop your favoured beverage. There are six (6) poses of Pau-Pau to collect; each is packaged in a mystery box, so the pose you receive will be a surprise!

If you’re desperate to add these Pau-Pau collectibles to your collection, you can get them for free when you spend P1,099 on groceries at or Robinsons In addition to obtaining these adorable figurines, you can also take advantage of Foodpanda’s online grocery service’s new quality and extensive selection of products.

foodpanda pau pau collectibles

Joseph Wijesekara, foodpanda Philippines’ Senior Head of Groceries, explains, “Making Pau-Pau collectibles available to the public is a novel and innovative way to connect with and engage our customers.” “While bringing Pau Pau closer to our consumers, we are also providing them the convenience of our online grocery service.”

Reasons for loving Pau-Pau

We’ve undoubtedly heard and seen Pau Pau’s adorableness, as he’s practically everywhere, from billboards to highway posters to commercials and beyond! With Pau-Pau’s cuddly stomach and lively personality, there is sufficient reason to collect and admire Pau-Pau merchandise.

Pau-Pau’s love for food is so contagious that when we see him enjoying a slice of pizza or a refreshing milk tea, we can’t help but want some, too. This makes him the ideal mascot for foodpanda, which has everything you need, from your favourite meals to much-needed groceries and more!

Wijesekara added that because Pau-Pau is known to be fun-loving and free-spirited, his personality motivates us to prioritize what is essential in life and pursue our passions. According to Wijesekara, the Pau-Pau collectible items are also a reminder to our customers to live like a panda, similar to the brand philosophy of Foodpanda. They strive to add value to our customers’ lives so they can devote their efforts to things that truly gratify them.

Whether you’re an avid online grocery shopper, a Pau-Pau fanatic, or looking to maximize a purchase with freebies, now is your opportunity to get Pau-Pau collectible items, so shop at Pandamart or Robinsons Easymart through Foodpanda shops. The promotion begins on May 22 and ends while supplies last.



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