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PetPal wins Gold at the KMC Startup Awards for its Pawtection Party campaign.

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Petpal KMC Startup Awards 3

PetPal was selected as the Gold winner at the KMC Startup Awards 2023, competing against over 200 entries nationwide. This award recognizes the company’s exceptional marketing campaign for Pawtection Party, a vaccination drive that promoted pet health and responsible pet ownership.

With the help of UNAHCO animal nutrition and healthcare brand and Ayala Malls Up Town Center, Pawtection Party offered free vaccinations for pets including 7-in-1 and Anti-Rabies. With over 300 pets vaccinated, the campaign exceeded its target by 110%.

Petpal KMC Startup Awards 2

Pet owners and veterinarians connected at the event, fostering connections among like-minded people and nurturing a supportive and enthusiastic pet community.

“Beyond the prestige, the award serves as a testament to PetPal’s commitment to making pets live their healthiest and happiest lives. Pawtection Party is a stepping stone to the future where no pet is left unprotected, where the joy of having a furry companion is accompanied by the responsibility of ensuring their well-being,” said Carlo Flordeliza, Senior Venture Builder at 917Ventures.

In its marketing strategy, PetPal promoted pet vaccinations as a celebration rather than a challenging experience. Pet owners were positively engaged by the use of vibrant art and colors aligned with the brand.

In the campaign, several critical issues were addressed, including assisting pet owners who rely on local government units for vaccinations and helping those whose pets are unknown to have received vaccinations. PetPal’s broader vision is to continuously assist pet owners through informational content and digitized pet services, such as veterinarian teleconsults, home visits, and a PetPal Club Membership that offers unlimited vet consultations.

Petpal KMC Startup Awards

With the campaign’s success, PetPal is preparing to launch an app that will provide seamless access to pet care services, including real-time access to pet records, streamlined appointment scheduling, prescription requests, and telehealth consultations. As a result of this digital innovation, pet owners will be able to better manage their pets’ health and well-being.

The KMC Startup Awards brought together a panel of distinguished judges from the Robinsons Group, Bossjob, Kaya, and KMC. It was a celebration of startup and entrepreneur achievements across a wide variety of sectors.


This award highlights PetPal’s innovative marketing approach and its commitment to transforming the pet care industry. As a result of the company’s success at the Pawtection Party and its ongoing initiatives, it has established itself as a forward-looking leader in the field of pet health and wellness.

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