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QUEENS STRAWBERRY FARM: First Strawberry Farm In Alfonso, Cavite!




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You don’t need to go to Baguio anymore if you plan to pick up some delicious strawberries. During the strawberry season, you can start picking out some strawberries at the QUEENS STRAWBERRY FARM in Alfonso, Cavite! But they have more to offer than just picking out strawberries.

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The venue has their own events place with accommodate around 250 people but it has been to around 50-100 people due to the pandemic. They have life-sized angel wings and strawberry shake that you can take some great photos. A huge water fountain is also at the center of the venue.

The strawberry farm is open to the public but strawberry picking season starts in March. The entire venue is covered with strawberries! They are also supplied with water fountains that is supplied with fish. Each of the fish waste is used for fertilization in growing the strawberries. At this strawberry farm nothing goes to waste!

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The highlight of the venue is the QUEEN STRAWBERRY FARM restaurant. Its unique A-shaped along with its unique architecture and color makes it an IG-Worthy photo! You need just to be extra creative when taking a photo since a certain is blocking the almost perfect photo. Once you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with plants and the color pink.

There are strawberry products for sale and some IG-Worthy posters that you can photo of. The area is very spacious making it perfect for family gatherings, couples, or a group of friends.

They also have extra room upstairs where visitors can have a great view of the venue at the same time enjoying the fresh air of Cavite while eating some delicious food. The current best sellers would be the Smoked Belly, Strawberry Shake and the Strawberry Cheesecake.

They also have a fishing pond where visitors can catch fish for dinner or simply take out. You can have your fish (tilapia) either steamed, fried or inihaw (BBQ) and you can have you sent to your table. Fishing rods are provided for the guests. It will take roughly around 2-3 minutes to catch your fish!

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The best part is they also rooms for a perfect staycation. They have the blue room and the pink room.

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Staycation: P2,800 per night but may change

Fishing: P50.00 per 30mins of game. P100.00 to cook, P80.00 to clean your fish

Venue: Rent the venue for P100000.00 including the two rooms


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Address: Alfonso, Cavite

Parking Available: Yes

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Hyun Jang Nim

    February 3, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    I’m glad you featured one of our hometown’s tourist spots 🥰😊 this place is awesome, a perfect venue for events and staycation 😃 I love its concept, architecture, interior design, foods, actually everything 😊 pasyalan ko to pag ready to harvest na yung strawberries 🥰😃😊

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