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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan BTOB

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Music has a powerful impact on our moods. It can evoke different emotions and feelings based on the genre we choose to listen to. Sometimes we feel like relaxing with some ballads or R&B, while other times we want to dance along to pop and hip-hop tracks. However, some songs touch our souls and stay with us for years; reminding us of special moments.

K-Pop group BTOB’s music has the power to leave a lasting impact on its listeners, inspiring them through its versatility.

Heavenly vocals 

It’s no secret that BTOB has outstanding vocals. It’s like they eat CDs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their vocal range and harmonization blend well together with the instruments. Even with acapella, they can grace the stage with just their angelic voices. The best part about them is they can all stand out with the uniqueness of their vocals, as they all have distinctive voices. 

Sense of humor

It’s not BTOB without a daily dose of comedy! They don’t shy away from silly poses on the red carpet or embarrassing posts on social media. They just want to have fun and make people laugh. Even their manager finds it hard to keep up with their energy, especially Eunkwang’s craziness.

If you haven’t seen Changsub’s hilarious selfie or the video of Sungjae smashing a watermelon with his head, you should definitely check it out. It’s also worth mentioning that the fact that Sungjae wrote a song about wanting to become a chicken is already funny in itself!



Talk about world-class artists! The group can sing, act, dance, and rap. Also, BTOB earned the respect of the music entertainment industry for their ability to compose their heartfelt songs—they can write, produce, and direct. Members are involved throughout the creative process. They connect with fans through their songs to help them overcome challenges and walk with them through different paths of life. 

Genuine friendship & brotherhood 

The members of the group have an incredible sense of loyalty towards each other, just like they did during their time in the military. Changsub once revealed that they had planned to enter the military together, but they didn’t want Peniel to be left behind. As a result, the elder members went ahead while the younger members stayed back with Peniel. They always express their concern and care for each other, especially Hyunsik and Peniel.

One time, Eunkwang and Minhyuk woke up early to prepare lunch for Sungjae and Ilhoon on their exam day. Ilhoon also helped Sungjae iron his uniform. Sungjae, on the other hand, bought cough medicines for the members when they got sick. The love and support the members show for each other are truly unmatched!

Their love for Melodies

It’s so amazing how the boys can connect and communicate well with their fans. They treat them like families as they take their time to converse with them or give life advice. BTOB has witnessed their fans get married or have children. Sometimes, the boys would carry children to their fan signing events. 

Melodies love all the members because they’re so humble and respectful of everyone around them. In return, Melodies do their best to reflect the group by being the most peaceful fandom that only focuses on spreading positivity and comfort. And that’s the power of BTOB’s good influence!


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Jonnie Ngo is an entertainment and lifestyle writer passionate about pop culture. She enjoys traveling and binge-watching both Korean dramas and Western shows.