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Reasons Why Yun Jayu Might Have Been Responsible for the Bombing Attack in ‘Blood Free’

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Blood Free, a thrilling conspiratorial drama starring Han Hyojoo and Ju Jihoon, has left K-Drama viewers feeling kilig, excited, and awestruck. Above all else, however, viewers are suspicious and speculating about the identity of the true perpetrator of the terrorist attack that jolted the nation.

Now that everyone has made their guesses, it’s time for us to join in. Our suspect: Yun Jayu, the BF CEO.

Blood Free Yun Jayu

What? Could it be that the adorable main character and the beautiful Hyojoo are the villains? That cannot be! So, hear us out as we explain some of the reasons why.

She benefitted the most from the terrorist attack

Following the bombing, which left the then-President, Lee Mungyu, permanently paralyzed and several soldiers killed, BF experienced exponential growth. Without competition in cell culture technology and a fierce critic in the form of Mungyu to hold her back, BF’s growth surged, and it is now a mainstay business in the country.

Blood Free Yun Jayu 1

Could this be her plan all along? Is she willing to sacrifice this many lives for her company?

She’s a little too game to do human trials

First, it affected Kim Sungu’s wife, and now it’s Woo Chaewoon’s turn. Despite being aware of the dangers and potential negative effects of these bio-cell technologies, she has permitted the operations.

In terms of her moral compass, if she is capable of breaking regulatory rules and protocols to test BF’s products, might she also stage a terrorist attack and intentionally kill people to achieve her goals?

She has the money to wield power


She is the CEO of one of South Korea’s most profitable corporations, and she can reach the Prime Minister with a phone call. She also possesses Jang Yeongsil, an AI secretary similar to Tony Stark’s Jarvis, who can accomplish anything she wants with a single voice command.

Blood Free Yun Jayu 4

With this much authority, she could have easily hired someone to do the dirty work for her and continued living as if nothing had occurred. And why not secure the future of her beloved business?

She’s keeping Chaewoon close to cover her tracks

Woo Chaewoon is one of the few living eyewitness to the terrorist attack. After revealing this to Jayu, she chose to keep Chaewoon as her bodyguard and keep him near.

Blood Free Yun Jayu 5

Did she hire Chaewoon on purpose, giving him the impression that he was in control and monitoring his every move? Is this her strategy to stay one step ahead of him?

Keep your keen eyes and ears open because the conspiracy and revelations will only become crazier.


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