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Record of Youth: A Korean Drama About Young People Who Strive To Achieve Their Dreams & Love Without Despair

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This is a drama about the growth record of young people who strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair in a generation where dreams have become a luxury and the passionate record of young people who beeline for their dreams in their own way, presenting excitement and empathy. Sa Hye Joon is smart and handsome. He is a nice guy and a popular model, but what he really wants is to become an actor. He has auditioned for many acting roles but hasn’t found success yet. Unfortunately, Sa Hye Joon doesn’t have much presence as an actor. Meanwhile, Ahn Jung Ha works as a makeup artist. Bright and cheerful on the outside but lonely on the inside, Jung Ha takes out her stress and frustrations by fangirling over idols.

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The new posters portray Sa Hye Joon’s and Won Hae Hyo’s families enjoying a leisurely day off. Although the two are close friends who share the same dream of becoming actors, they have grown up in vastly different environments. In Sa Hye Joon’s poster, his family heads back home after shopping for groceries. They walk side-by-side down a narrow alley with bright smiles and light footsteps filled with happiness. Han Ae Sook links her arm sweetly with her son’s while Sa Young Nam walks quietly in front of the groceries. Sa Hye Joon’s fashionable grandfather Sa Min Gi and his brother and model student Sa Kyung Joon also follow along with gentle smiles. Although Sa Hye Joon has yet to achieve his dreams, he is surrounded by a family who is always on his side.

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On the other hand, Won Hae Hyo’s family enjoys tea time in their garden. Although they share a completely different atmosphere from Sa Hye Joon’s family, Won Hae Hyo’s parents love their son equally. Next to Won Tae Kyung, who is completely engrossed in reading, his passionate wife Kim Yi Young smiles affectionately at her son Won Hae Hyo and daughter Won Hae Na . Viewers are curious to find out if Won Hae Hyo will be able to chase after his dream of becoming an actor through his own efforts rather than the help of his family’s background.

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In addition to the stories of Sa Hye Joon and Won Hae Hyo, the drama will also highlight the differences between the two mothers Han Ae Sook and Kim Yi Young as they support and love their sons on their own ways.

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Furthermore, Sa Min Gi will also share interesting chemistry with his grandson Sa Hye Joon. The two fathers Sa Young Nam and Won Tae Kyung as well as the two brilliant students Sa Kyung Joon and Won Hae Na will also add their own refreshing energy to the drama.

Record of Youth shared, “The realistic stories of the families who accompany the youth as they mature will be relatable to viewers. Watching Sa Hye Joon’s and Won Hae Hyo’s families will also be an interesting point to look out for.”


Ahn Jung Ha, who gives up her job at a large company to pursue her dream of becoming a makeup artist and launching her own brand. As a hard-working go-getter, Ahn Jung Ha’s only escape from the stress of daily life is the time she spends stanning Sa Hye Joon.

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Don’t forget to watch Record of Youth every Monday and Tuesday on TVN. It’s also available on Netflix, Dramacool and Kissasian.

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