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SAOSIN Is Coming To Manila For Their Asia Tour 2023

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saosin asia tour in manila

Let’s set off our emo hearts and get ready to bang our heads to the music of one of the most popular American rock bands, SAOSIN, as they go on a massive solo tour to the Philippines!

PULP Live World and Skesh Entertainment proudly announce that SAOSIN ASIA TOUR 2023 LIVE IN MANILA will happen on March 26, 2023, at Skydome, SM City North EDSA. This one-night-only show in Manila is a trip down memory lane and a first-hand account of the band’s epic journey in the music business. We get to see them perform all of their albums and hits live.

saosin in manila 2023

In 2003, SAOSIN started in Orange County, California. Since they started, the band has put out three studio albums, three EPs, and eight singles. Their first EP, Translating The Name, was a big hit with a generation of US emo and post-hardcore rock fans, which led to their success. As soon as it came out, it sold more than 62,000 albums. SAOSIN also released a vinyl version of the EP and a unique merch collection, both of which sold out within a few weeks.

saosin asia tour in manila seating plan

Saosin was SAOSIN’s first full-length album, which came out in 2006. Music critics and listeners like what they hear on the album. The Alternative Press named the first single, “Voices,” as one of the “Top 46 post-hardcore songs of the 2000s.” The second single, “You’re Not Alone,” was named by the same publication as one of the “Top 10 Essential Emo Power Ballads.”

After the success of their first album and singles, they made their second album, In Search of Solid Ground, and their third album, Along The Shadow. SAOSIN’s career took off when they went on tours that started in the US and went to Europe, Asia, and Australia. It was a success story since they started as the lead singers of other bands and now get to play at huge music festivals and solo shows worldwide.

In 2023, SAOSIN will go on a tour of Asia. One of their stops will be in Manila, where they will put on a huge solo show that will make their longtime fans feel nostalgic. SAOSIN members Anthony Green (Vocals), Beau Burchell (Guitars), Chris Sorenson (Bass), and Alex Rodriguez (Drums) invite all Filipino emo and rock fans to this one-night-only show where they will sing all of their albums and hits from start to finish.

On March 26, 2023, let go of your control and go with the flow of your emotions as SAOSIN takes us on an explosive musical journey. You can see them perform live at SAOSIN ASIA TOUR 2023 LIVE IN MANILA at the Skydome, SM City North EDSA. The doors will open at 6, and the show will start at 8. This show is made possible by PULP Live World and Skesh Entertainment. You can buy tickets at SM Tickets locations across the country or at starting at midnight on December 30.


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    December 29, 2022 at 5:55 pm

    Ayy woww ,this is sooo exciting

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    December 29, 2022 at 8:22 pm

    Excited much! Super enjoy for sure 😘😘😘

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