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SB19 Releases New Single “WYAT” And Announcement Of Upcoming World Tour





SB19’s much-anticipated comeback single and upcoming world tour are revealed in a series of riddles.

SB19 WYAT Tour Poster

With WYAT [Where You At], a disco-pop song that shows how important it is to get back in touch with people, P-pop Kings SB19 announce their return to the music scene. After putting out their EP Pagsibol in 2021, this will be SB19’s first new music as a group in a year.

“It’s been a year. The word “hiatus” might sound bad, but we looked at it differently. We took full advantage of the chance to think more about what we can do better and how we can get ready for our comeback,” says SB19 Stell.

SB19 Ken says, “We’re so happy to be putting out a new song for our fans. Bigger, better. I hope that A’TIN will at least recognize how hard we’ve worked to get ready for our tour.” On September 2, 2022, WYAT will be available on all streaming services, and the official music video will come out on the same day.

The band, which has won awards and been nominated for a Billboard award, is also about to go on their biggest local and international tour to date. The WYAT [Where You At] Tour starts at Araneta Coliseum on September 17, 2022. After that, there will be shows in Clark, Cebu, Davao, and other places.

In the months that follow, the tour goes all over the world, with SB19 going to places like the US, UAE, and Singapore, to name a few. Starting in October 2022, International A’TIN can expect SB19 to come to their city.


SB19 Josh says, “This will be the first time our own concert takes us out of the country.” “We can’t wait to meet our fans from around the world. If I may put it this way: when we first started, we were caterpillars in cocoons, and now we’re butterflies ready to fly!”

SB19 Justin says that the five-piece group is very involved in the creative process behind the upcoming tour, from coming up with the idea to choreographing the dances and coming up with ideas for the visuals.

He says, “When SB19 Pablo told us what the song he and his brother Josue made, WYAT, meant, I was able to understand what it was about. From there, our team could talk about ways to improve my original idea. We came up with options and showed them to the other SB19 members so they could also share their ideas. From one idea came another. We started making plans for everything, from teasers to the actual music video, down to the smallest detail.

SB19 Justin says, “Josh changes a little bit of everything, from the choreography to the way we shoot. He and Pablo play a big part in making decisions. Ken helps come up with ideas, like how the dances should look and how the set should be made. Stell is our main choreographer, but she also gives us ideas for how to promote our comeback. He has been asking if we could show the videos after our last few shows before the tour, so we did. We showed our video teaser for the first time to thousands of people at the Mall of Asia Arena on August 7, 2022. What the other members, management, staff, and other people around me think is very important to me. It really does take a village, and it’s good to work together.”

Soon, we’ll find out more about the local and international tour.


For more information about SB19’s series of shows, check out the updates on their social media accounts.

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1 Comment

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    Apart Cy

    August 13, 2022 at 7:45 pm

    Ohhhhhhh,aside sa new single nila may pa upcoming world tour,matutuwa ang mga FANS nito🤗

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