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SCOOT: Pokémon Air Adventures With Pikachu Jet

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scott pokemon pikachu jet inflights seoul 1

Scoot turns ten this year, and in the spirit of continuing to provide exciting and unique experiences for our customers, we’ve teamed with The Pokémon Company to launch an exclusive livery and Pokémon-themed in-flight experience for all adventure enthusiasts!

Discover more about the custom-crafted Scoot X Pokémon livery, Pokémon flight experience, products, and more, or book upcoming flights on the new Pikachu Jet. Capture your journey with us now!

scott pokemon pikachu jet inflights seoul 1

Pikachu Jet TR

The white background with petals and leaves drifting pleasantly across the design on Scoot’s Pikachu Jet TR was influenced by floral fragrances. The fuselage depicts Pikachu, Pichu, Shaymin, Psyduck, Lapras, Celebi, and Meganium. Also, Pokémon are lurking on both sides of the wings, so please search for them when you board. They will go on numerous experiences with us all over the globe, from Singapore’s garden city to other Scoot network countries!

Assumed Aboard

From specially designed Pikachu Jet cups and serviettes to other onboard amenities, these flights immerse passengers in the Pokémon universe. Did anyone hear Pikachu’s cries? Yes, he will also be included in our in-flight announcements! Join us soon on a Pikachu Jet adventure to experience these for yourself.

Pokémon Air Adventures Experience


In addition to its exterior and interior beauty, the Pikachu Jet has a distinctive Pokémon print on its overhead cabins. When you snuggle in for a nap on our Pikachu Jet TR flights, be sure to catch Pokémon on the seat back coverings as well!



Fuel your excursions with our new Japanese-inspired delicacies such as delicious Chicken Yakitori or aromatic Ginger Teriyaki Chicken with Rice. Are you having a sweet tooth? Indulge in a box of cookies delivered in an original Pokémon box.

Scootitude Activities

Scootees, you are selected! Depending on your flight, our Scootees will arrange a special Scootitude surprise for you. You will have a good time!

Adventurer’s Lanyard

Not just your regular lanyard! This model features a slight plane print on the strap, a soft case with an adorable Pikachu, and a miniature Pikachu Jet charm. Wearing this around the neck will make the centre of attention among other explorers!

Scoot X Pokémon Air Adventures Original Merchandise

Fly Away Shopping Bag

Pikachu soars through the air. This cheerful and colourful tote bag is the ideal companion for your next vacation via Scoot. Fill it with travel necessities and other adventuring gear!

Pikachu Jet Pokemon goods – Pikachu bucket hat

Bucket Hat


Pikachu covers you whether you are in the mood for something calm and understated or flashy and eccentric. This reversible bucket hat with black and bold highlights on one side and a colourful and vibrant design on the other will guarantee that you always look spiffy when adventuring!

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