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Seonnyeo Rock: The Fairy Rock Beach In Korea 

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Seonnyeo Rock

The peaceful Seonnyeo Rock Beach is located in Incheon, not far from the more well-known Eurwangli Beach and Wangsan Beach. It’s not a joke to say it’s rough. There is a little but lovely sandy area in the middle, and rocks, rocks, and more rocks along either side. This beach might be the one for you if you’re seeking a less crowded one close to Seoul.

Near the Seoul metropolitan region, on Yongyudo Island’s northern tip, past Masian Beach, is Seonnyeo Rock.

The name of the rock comes from the legend that a fairy rode a rainbow to the beach to play. The Seonnyeo Rock Beach, Incheon, Koreacommander allegedly had a stunning mistress when naval personnel were stationed at a defence station at Yeongjongjin. The commander’s devotion to the mistress eventually began to wane, and he began to remove himself from her, which significantly hurt her.

She dived into the water from a rock named Taepyeongam and drowned because she had nothing left to live for. Her body floated to Yongyudo Island with the tide since no one was there to retrieve it. The moment the commander learned of the catastrophe, he searched for her body and got it ready for burial.

Later, residents used the names Seonnyeo, or fairy rock, for the Taepyeongam Rock and Hogunje, or the commander’s hill, for the surrounding hill. It may take awhile to locate the rock because it is not labelled. Furthemore the locals don’t want it to become a major tourist attraction.


While they watch the waves crash, artists come to paint the sight of the jagged rock against the sea. When the sun is beginning to set at dusk and the sea around the rock is colored, tourists still go to the beach.

What To Expect At Seonnyeo Rock Beach

One can go skipping and playing all about these rocks during the day when the tide goes out, or, like the locals do, they can grab a bag and a stick and go searching around the rocks for crabs, shellfish, and other marine food to eat later. Wear sturdy footwear because the rocks can be quite sharp due to the growth of sea life and shells on them. Some boulders are large and flat enough to set a camp on, which makes for some fantastic photo ops.

Old fishing boats and a little dock are on the opposite side. This beach is ideal for swimming and camping because it is less congested than Wangsan Beach or those in Eurwang-ri.

On the beach, people set up tent camps at night. However, at high tide, all of the rocks visible during the daytime disappear below the ocean at night.

They won”t be visible again until the next day at 12PM. Fireworks can be heard throughout the night, and sparklers can be seen lighting up the night sky.


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Visit the location where the fairies used to play! The mythical rock was also used in the filming of Crash Landing On You

Address: 678-188 Eulwang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon (지번인천 중구 을왕동 678-188)

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