Seoul Festa 2023: Feel The Real Seoul

From April 30 to May 7, the city will host the eight-day SEOUL FESTA 2023, which is meant to revive the tourism sector that the epidemic has severely impacted. This includes events at Gwanghwamun Square and the Jamsil Sports Complex.

Starting this year, the festival will be held again in May. Seoul will promote the festival as one of the city’s emblematic occasions, where people can participate in interactive activities.

seoul festa 2023
Photo courtesy: Korea Tourism Organization

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the theme of the 2023 SEOUL FESTA is “Feel the Real Seoul,” which encourages foreign tourists to visit Seoul in person after three years of the pandemic—and experience the capital of Korea’s true allure.

The five key themes of the SEOUL FESTA 2023 are music, style, taste, starry night, and a boom-up event. Visitors can find a variety of programs at places, including Seoul Plaza, Nodeul Island, and Yeollin Songhyeon Green Park, among others.

seoul festa 2023 korea
Photo courtesy: Korea Tourism Organization

At the opening ceremony, several K-Pop celebrities will perform to mark the resurgence of the city’s tourism sector: April 30 (Sun)

At Olympic Stadium in the Jamsil Sports Complex, the opening ceremony for SEOUL FESTA 2023 begins at 7:50 pm on April 30 (Sun) and lasts for two hours.

An estimated 40,000 Korean and foreign tourists will attend the ceremony along with K-Pop stars like ENHYPEN, iKON, The Boyz, STAYC, Kep1er, and Lee Young-ji.

seoul festa 2023 south korea
Photo courtesy: Korea Tourism Organization

Gwanghwamun Seoul Square, Korea’s largest interactive tourist information centre, will be open from April 30 (Sun) until May 7 (Sun).

For eight days, Gwanghwamun Square, the primary location for the SEOUL FESTA 2023, will be transformed into a place where visitors can experience the “style” and “flavour” of the city.

At the Gwanghwamun intersection and the entrance to Gwanghwamun Seoul Square, the city government will construct a Welcome Gate and Artwork Resting Zone to welcome visitors and incentivize them to take pictures and videos for social media. A massive Bellygom, a well-known bear mascot in Korea, will be put at the Artwork Resting Zone to welcome visitors who enjoy taking pictures.

The SMG will construct a Seoul Tourism Promotion Zone in front of King Sejong, Statue, where visitors can engage in practical activities and have fun with the Seoul tour guide. There will also be Seoul Drama Zone, Seoul Beauty Zone, and Seoul Fashion Zone to draw visitors with a variety of interests. Seoul Tourism Multi Shop will open for individuals who want to sample a variety of cuisine, traditional crafts, art, and culture at once.

Enjoy a variety of flavours at the Seoul Bridge Food Market (“Mat-Ket”) on Saturday, May 6.

Jamsu Bridge becomes Seoul Bridge Food Market on May 6. Tourists will be able to try a variety of K-food at this entertaining food market.

korea seoul festa 2023
Photo courtesy: Korea Tourism Organization

Seoul will construct Korean convenience stores on Jamsu Bridge because foreign tourists regard K-convenience stores as one of the must-try experiences in Korea. People can exchange money at the convenience stores on the bridge and eat fast food outdoors near the Han River. A range of Korean delicacies will be available from food companies like Nongshim, Daesang, and Ottogi, as well as the renowned Korean quick store chain CU.

There will be four Han River Drone Light Show performances between April 29 (Sat) and May 6 (Sat).

Additionally, Seoul prepared the Drone Light Show, which will decorate the Han River area’s springtime night sky. The performance will be held four times at Ttukseom Han River Park on April 29, May 1, May 5 and May 6 at 8 pm.

Between April 28 (Fri) and May 7 (Sun), Myeong-dong will transform into an outdoor art gallery for the festival.

Renowned Korean artists will work alongside Seoul for ten days, from April 28 to May 7, to transform Myeong-dong streets into an art gallery. Visitors can participate in large balloon parades, photo ops, stamp tours, and numerous other events at the Myeong-dong Festival.

The major tourist attractions in Seoul, such as Seoul Plaza, Yeollin Songhyeon Green Park and Nodeul Island, will also host more activities and events. In other words, the celebration will engulf the entire city.

Seoul Shopping Festa: April 30 until May 7. The entire city will host massive sales activities. Hotels, duty-free stores, malls, theatres, and other companies will take part in offering discounts of up to 50%.

Circus Festival: Yeollin Songhyeon Green Park will host the Seoul Stage 11 circus event from May 5 (Fri) through May 7 (Sun). The performance will feature juggling and acrobatics.

Concerts of Various Genres: The Seoul Jazz Festa, which takes place from April 28 (Fri) to April 30 (Sun), and the Art Garden, which features indie and classic music from May 6 (Sat) to 7 (Sun), both offer lovely musical experiences.

Other events are also prepared to welcome locals and visitors, including Special Taekwondo Performance (May 1 at Seoul Plaza), K-POP Dance Flash Mob (May 6 at Myeong-dong Jaemiro Sang Sang Plaza), and Han River Spring Festival (May 5–7 at Ttukseom Han River Park).



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