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7 iKON Songs to Get You Pumped Before their World Tour: Take Off in Manila

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ikon take off concert in manila 2023

If you’re a die-hard Filo iKONICs, get ready to dance, sing, and experience an ultimate party night with Kpop Boy Group iKON at their World Tour: Take off concert in Manila.  From energetic bangers to heartwarming ballads, iKON has it all. 

ikon take off concert in manila 2023

As we get near the weekend, here’s a taste of seven iKON tracks you need to add to your playlist now and get excited for their upcoming concert.


Get ready for a blast from the past with “Sinosijak.” This nostalgic track takes us back to iKON’s roots, reminding us of the journey they’ve taken to get where they are today. This moment will leave fans in awe of iKON’s growth and musical evolution.

Love Scenario

A timeless classic and one of iKON’s most iconic tracks, “Love Scenario” will undoubtedly be a crowd-pleaser. The whole venue will be filled with fans chanting the lyrics, creating a powerful and heartwarming moment that’ll stay with you long after the concert is over.


Prepare to be taken on a soulful journey iKONICS as this track showcases iKON’s vocal prowess like never before, and you’ll be mesmerized by their smooth harmonies and heartwarming melodies. It’s a moment of pure musical magic that’ll leave you swaying to the rhythm and undoubtedly create an empowering atmosphere in the venue that iKONICs will surely love.

But You

Hold onto your emotions as iKON pours their hearts out with their track “But You.” This touching and emotional ballad will leave you breathless, as their heartfelt delivery connects with each and every member of the audience, making us feel like we’re a part of their journey.


Killing Me

Transitioning into a more intense and emotive performance, “Killing Me” will captivate the fans with its powerful rap verses and intense choreography that’ll have you on your feet, cheering and screaming for more. iKON’s energy during this song is off the charts, and you won’t be able to resist joining in on the excitement.

Bling Bling

Time to let loose with “Bling Bling” as this track is all about swagger, and the group knows how to own the stage with their charisma. Prepare for iKON explosive performance that will have everyone on their feet.

Rhythm Ta

When “Rhythm Ta” starts, the concert will become a massive dance party!

The catchy beats and powerful energy of this track will have you moving and grooving like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a song that’ll make you forget all your worries and just enjoy the moment.

2023 iKON World Tour Take Off Manila

With a perfect blend of their biggest hits and heartwarming melodies, iKON is sure to deliver an unforgettable night for their devoted fans. So, grab your lightsticks, prepare your vocal cords, and get ready party with iKON as they’ll surely leave you with memories that’ll last a lifetime.


Catch them live this August 5, 2023 at the Araneta Coliseum. Secure your tickets now via Ticketnet outlets and online. Let’s countdown to the big day and get ready to take off with iKON.

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