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Shangri-La Plaza Greets Returning Customers With Safety Stickers Created By Them!

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Shangri-La Plaza recently reopened, and as part of the preparations to keep the mall safe for returning shoppers, it enlisted the help of its community in constructing safety-distance markings.

Art Step in the Right Direction by the Shang Community
Art Step in the Right Direction by the Shang Community features above designs created  by Haylin, Juan Paolo Nacar, Karen Gomez, Wyna Dizon, Patrick Tiongson, and Karla Mae Muega.

Mall visitors were urged to create their own designs for social distancing stickers that would be placed on floors and elevators as part of the campaign. Shangri-La Plaza has received countless hand-drawn and digitally-made designs from Shang Community members of various ages since the introduction of Art Step in the Right Direction on its social media platforms! Visitors can now see and experience six of these beautiful installations throughout the mall.

Aside from the social barriers, Shangri-La Plaza was a pioneer in forming an experienced and first-aid-trained Emergency Response Group as part of its safety standards, which made frequent rounds around the hotel. The mall undergoes frequent rigorous cleansing and conducts mandated temperature checks at all entries. It has also installed automatic hand sanitizer dispensers at all entrances, toilets, and other crucial places. To enter the mall and throughout their stay, all guests and employees must wear a face mask.

Shangri-La Plaza has reopened with slightly shortened operating hours, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily. Retail businesses, including fashion, cosmetics, and home brands, have already opened, in addition to supermarkets and necessary retailers. Shang invites mall visitors to visit and @shangrilaplazaofficial on Instagram for the most up-to-date list of store openings, mall hours, and other important information.

One of Shangri-La Plaza’s initiatives to build the #ShangCommunity and ensure that mall visitors and workers are #SafeatShang is Art Step in the Right Direction.

For inquiries, call 8-370-2597/98 or visit the official facebook page of Shangrila . Follow the Shang on Instagram: @shangrilaplazaofficial.