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Shanti Dope Launches Seven New Tracks In Latest Raw And Unfiltered EP





The artist’s personal experiences and opinions about society are explored in this compilation of seven tracks that takes listeners on an introspective trip. The highlight song “Thug” from this most recent release has already attracted a lot of attention; it can be found on Spotify PH’s Bago Sa Kalye, Tatak Pinoy, and Kalye playlists.

Rap Phenom Shanti Dope just dropped his latest EP called DRUGS.

The “DRUGS” EP is a moving commentary on the state of modern society, where addiction in all its manifestations is frequently ignored. Shanti Dope sheds light on how conceit, celebrity, and the need for validation have evolved from being unique experiences to pervasive obsessions through his songs. “Lift Off Freestyle,” the first song on the EP, is a representation of the yearning to break free from the confines of reality and discover new realms, akin to a search for freedom from social limitations.

The EP’s songs are all distinguished by their unadulterated, unrefined quality. In-depth accounts of his experiences with betrayal by a romantic partner, the anguish of losing acquaintances to street violence, and even fantastical, nearly fictionalized scenarios that provide a glimpse into his distinct viewpoint on a range of events are shared by Shanti Dope. His open communication style and powerful lyrics guarantee that each song has a profound effect on listeners.

Shanti Dope _DRUGS_ EP album artwork
Shanti Dope Drugs EP

In “DRUGS,” Shanti Dope’s artistic development is evident, as he successfully appeals to the tastes of the younger generation while securing his place in the music industry. This EP, which represents a turning point in his career, demonstrates his desire to speak candidly and connect deeply with his listeners.

Without regard to traditional boundaries, Shanti Dope seeks to express his message in the most creative and unadulterated form.

Fans are encouraged to consider their personal experiences as well as the social issues that Shanti Dope has brought to light as they listen to the “DRUGS” EP. In order to strengthen bonds among his fan base, the musician invites listeners to contribute their favorite songs and lyrics.


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