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Shopee Delivery Rider Unintentional Wedding Shoot Appearance Spreads Positivity Online

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Screenshot Rider Interrupting Wedding Shoot

Ever get thrilled when you hear “Shopee delivery po?” Excited to receive and unpack the online-purchased items? Have you ever been in a frenzy when your package arrived, but no one was home? These are some of our shared online purchasing experiences. However, others have experienced even more improbable events during the most unexpected period of their existence!

That happened in this amusing video posted by freelance wedding photographer and videographer Papsy Lei. Unaware of the gravity of the situation, a Shopee delivery rider interrupts a parent’s sincere blessing to deliver a customer’s package. In the short clip, everyone was amused when the groom was taken off guard and laughed when he found out what the never-ending call was about: “Sir, Shopee po.” Is there anything that could make a wedding more memorable than receiving such a mind-boggling phone call?

Screenshot Rider Interrupting Wedding Shoot

As netizens know that the rider is unaware of the event and is simply doing his work, the video generates laughter and positive vibes. Some users were left to make jokes about the groom’s father fighting back emotions due to the pleasant surprise. Another user commented that she had a comparable labor and delivery experience: “Please wait, brother, I’ll just push this baby out!” In the meantime, other users instructed the delivery person to go directly to the reception and attend the banquet.

This unexpected occurrence demonstrates that Shopee and its riders are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting the requirements of their customers; therefore, if you have orders out for delivery but a life-changing event that you cannot skip, request backup, or inform your courier.

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