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Sip N’ Brew: Cafe With The Perfect Spot Of Taal Volcano In Tagaytay!




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If you’re taking a short food trip to Tagaytay, you might as well want to stop by SIP N BREW. This hidden cafe is starting to make noise not only with its food and drink but with a great view of Taal Volcano!

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To find this place, you need to have Google Maps or Waze. Driving along the road can be a bit tricky with all the cars speeding on the road to their destination. You will find like a small corner with a small sign that says “SIP N BREW”. There will be a huge parking waiting for you and its exclusive for SIP N BREW customers.

Once you arrive, you will notice that cafe is like a small building. The cafe is surrounded by Instagrammable chairs and tables. You can take great photos of your orders along with your friends. The SIP N BREW sign is one of the top seats that you need to take your photo at.

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The cafe has an outdoor vibe but you have a wide clear less window facing the Taal Volcano. This is actually a great way to sip some coffee while starting at the volcano. It can get quite windy so watch out for the curtains if you plan to sit next to the window.

They have their own balcony covered with tables and chairs. It is quite a unique experience and there’s room for everyone. But here’s the catch! Next to SIP N BREW you can take some great photos. You can take some photos near the well or with the Taal volcano behind you in the background.

Now it’s time for the food and drinks! We had a bunch of them but these are our favorites!

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Carbonara: Absolutely delicious and its heavy on the stomach! Rate: 9/10

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Angus Burger: We loved the burger meat and the fries! Rate: 9/10

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Family box of wings (Korean, Texas BBQ, Garlic Parmesan): We just couldn’t enough of the wings! It was so hard to choose. Rate: 10/10

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Nachos: They make the best cheat food! Rate: 10/10

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American Breakfast: The best way to start your morning breakfast! The bacon and eggs is just awesome. Rate: 9/10

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Cheese sticks: They were so addictive! Rate: 9/10

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Drinks: We loved the Red velvet and taho drinks! Rate: 9/10

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Look at the food with beautiful background! We just loved the atmosphere!

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Sip N’ Brew

  • Address: Crossing Mendez 4120 Tagaytay City
  • Opening Hours: 8AM-9PM
  • Parking Available: Yes

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