SKY Releases A New 24/7 Customer Service Messaging Platform

SKY has launched a round-the-clock customer support message platform, allowing subscribers to contact and answer their issues and other service inquiries online, further improving its past offers during these exceptional times.

This new customer touchpoint provides a convenient and efficient customer interface for both existing and potential SKY subscribers, facilitated by KYLA, a friendly messaging bot that allows SKYcable and SKY Fiber subscribers to self-help on basic concerns by guiding them to available resources and transferring them to speak with live agents for more complex issues.

This is the latest in a series of enhancements to SKY’s different digital touchpoints, with the new messaging platform expected to help with speedier response times to consumer inquiries.

“Our new messaging platform is ready to deliver the exceptional customer experience that our subscribers deserve,” says SKY President and COO March S. Ventosa. “As part of our digital transformation projects, we want to respond to our customers’ service complaints in the most efficient and quickest manner possible, and in a way that is both immediate and easy to access.”

“KYLA guides SKY subscribers to available resources for basic concerns and transfers them to speak with live agents for more complex matters,” says Leonor M. Namoc, SKY’s Head of Customer Experience.

“Users can also use the platform at their leisure, without fear of getting disconnected or having their session time out if they decide to do something else while speaking with KYLA.”

To use the messaging platform, go to SKY’s official website,, and click on the “Message Us” symbol and the “Get Started” button. For questions about SKY goods, billing inquiries, service issues, and other requests, select the category and subcategory given by KYLA. KYLA will then direct users to pertinent information and self-help guides to assist them in resolving their issues. Users can also choose to speak with a live agent about their complicated issues.

For more updates on SKY’s latest offerings, follow them on Facebook (, Twitter ( for customer service concerns and for product updates), and Instagram (@myskyupdates).

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2 thoughts on “SKY Releases A New 24/7 Customer Service Messaging Platform

  • October 13, 2021 at 7:48 pm

    Wow a more efficient and convinient customer service of Sky Messaging platform.
    Very reasonable for the concerns of ever customers.

  • October 17, 2021 at 12:36 am

    I like this customer support message platform. It is really a hassle when you encountered a problem and there’s no one who can help you especially during holy hours. This initiative is a great help and will surely build customer satisfaction.


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