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3 Ways To Include SKY Fiber In Your Holiday Celebrations At Home




SKY Fiber Holiday 1

With Christmas only a few weeks away, families are starting to plan their holiday celebrations. SKY Fiber can help you connect with your loved ones better and boost your bonding experience, whether you’re hosting a little celebration at home or a virtual gathering with friends and family.

SKY Fiber Holiday

The various Super Speed Plans from SKY Fiber provide more than just a fast internet connection. Here are three ways families might benefit from an SKY Fiber membership this Christmas season:

  1. Use SKY Fiber’s smooth internet connection to participate in virtual parties.

It is critical for households to have a stable internet connection, especially because many Christmas gatherings will take place online.

The 40Mbps (P1,499/month), 80Mbps (P1,999/month), and 120Mbps (P2,499/month) SKY Fiber Unli Broadband Plans are reasonable solutions that can accommodate all video-calling needs, including live-streaming movies and playing fun virtual games together.

Furthermore, SKY Fiber’s Super Speed Plans contain WiFi mesh units (the number of units depends on the plan you choose) that can disperse a strong connection throughout your home. All family members may stay connected to their virtual parties at the same time, from wherever in the home, thanks to the WiFi mesh.

  1. Play holiday-themed games with your family through SKY Fiber Freemiums.

Families staying at home for the holidays can spend time together playing multiplayer games on their free SKY Fiber Freemiums AirConsole Hero access.

Until April 7, 2022, all SKY Fiber members enjoy access to over 180 premium games. All they need is a smartphone as a controller and a computer web browser, Android TV, or tablet as the main screen.

Some of AirConsole Hero’s top featured games for parents and kids to play together during the holidays are “Let’s Cook Together” and “Snowboard Buddies.”

  1. Have a fun karaoke night with SKY Evo applications.

When households subscribe to SKY Fiber’s Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV Plans for 30Mbps (P1,599/month), 60Mbps (P1,999/month), or 120Mbps (P2,999/month), they can have their entertainment set-up ready for the holiday break.

Aside from a variety of cable channels, each of these plans comes with an SKY Evo digibox, which lets customers to link their television screens to a variety of apps for streaming shows and music, including one that allows users to sing-along for a karaoke party.

Make a #FiberFastHoliday at home for yourself and your family. Visit to learn more about SKY Fiber’s Super Speed Plans.

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1 Comment

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    Lizel Tejares Purcia

    November 19, 2021 at 7:14 am

    This is perfect for the whole family celebration.
    Loved this offer from skycable.
    So many exciting variety of cables channel.
    This is perfect for the family bonding.

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