Son Ye Jin, A Korean Celebrity, Is The First Guest On Smart Hallyu Hangouts

“Our languages and cultures are different, yet I can sense the love regardless. I’m not sure if I deserve all of this affection. I’m grateful, moved, and motivated because hearing how I’ve assisted you in getting through difficult circumstances motivates me to concentrate on the next project.” During the first leg of the Smart Hallyu Hangouts, multi-award winning Korean actress Son Ye Jin expressed her deep gratitude to her Filipino fans.

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Smart Hallyu Hangouts is a series of online shows created by top mobile communications provider Smart Communications, Inc., where customers can see their idols through live video from anywhere in the world. Crash Landing On You (CLOY) actor and Smart Signature endorser Son Ye Jin hosted the series, which was accompanied by Philippines-based host Sam Oh, Korea-based co-host Park Kyung-lim, and 40 lucky fans.

Son Ye Jin discussed her acting philosophy, workout routine, and even behind-the-scenes moments from global phenomenon CLOY as well as her Smart ad from earlier this year during the event.

“The Smart shoot lasted for a long time, and we were on location. The shoot lasted all morning and all night. Son Ye Jin said, “We were also remotely shooting with the Philippine team.” “It was an unusual circumstance, but it was also intriguing to be able to communicate digitally with the crew in the Philippines. But it was a pleasure for me to shoot this commercial for Smart, and I’m thrilled to be working with them right now.”

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The actress also revealed fun facts about herself, like her favorite color (light Indian pink), hobbies (exercising and walking her dog), favorite quality of herself (making people laugh), and beauty secret (indulging in hair treatments). She’s also been doing Pilates for ten years, avoids watching herself on TV because it makes her feel ashamed and uneasy, and credits her ability to play a wide range of roles and genres to a strong sense of empathy for the characters she plays.

“I’ve been to the Philippines a very long time ago, and the most unforgettable thing about that trip was the kind faces of the Filipinos,” she replied when asked about her experience there. Everyone seemed to be quite joyful and welcoming, and there was a sense of innocence about them. I’d really like to travel to Boracay the next time I visit.”

“From the comments and presents that Filipinos send me, it’s clear that they’re grateful for my assistance in getting them through this terrible time,” she continued. “However, I haven’t done anything; all I’ve done is do my job. I’m so moved that people from all over the world are moved by what I’ve done. It almost feels strange at times, but overall, I’m grateful and looking forward to meeting you all in the Philippines.”

Smart subscribers were treated to even more surprises at the event, as five names were picked and each fan was given an autographed gift bag provided by Son Ye Jin herself. In addition, two ecstatic fans were treated to a minute-long one-on-one conversation with Son Ye Jin, as well as personalized, pre-loved gifts from the actress herself. The evening concluded with a touching memorial video for Son Ye Jin prepared by her Filipino fans, as well as a digital photo op with all of the guests.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts is one of the brand’s many ways of providing incredible experiences to its loyal fans. Despite the pandemic’s physical restrictions, Smart promotes its commitment and cutting-edge technology to bring its Korean endorsers closer to their Filipino fans.

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Fans can catch highly acclaimed Korean actor, Crash Landing On You leading man, and fellow Smart endorser Hyun Bin in the next episode on July 31. For more updates on the #SmartHallyuHangouts, follow Smart on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  1. I like this smart Hallyu hangouts, this brings our fave Korean stars closer amidst the limitations of pandemic.
    This was fun and exciting event. I love that son hye jin shared some trivias about her and gave prizes to her fans.
    I’m looking forward for hyun bin oppa event.


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