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The Event Space: SMX Convention Center Has Been Reimagined

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The impact of the pandemic has hampered the tourism industry, leading to a significant decrease in revenue.

Everyone has had to rethink their business models and objectives due to it. Versatility is becoming essential in adapting and progressing; SMX Convention Center (SMXCC) has adapted its spaces to assist various sectors with their venue requirements, driven by a creative spirit that constantly seeks to advance the industry forward.

Photo courtesy: SMX Convention Center

SMX Manila is a trade show in Manila, Philippines

The SMX Convention Center has been reimagined as a unique and fully functioning concept that addresses guests’ space needs.

The SMX Swing Space, available at both SMX Manila and Megatrade Hall, serve as extended offices for enterprises undergoing renovations or temporarily offer a readily accessible office location for their personnel. By hiring a clean and efficient kitchen with comprehensive facilities, the #SMXSoulKitchen allows food industry owners and caterers to reduce their overhead costs for business operations.

MTH SMXswingspaces
Photo courtesy: SMX Convention Center | SMX Swing Spaces

SMXStudio is equipped with lights, noises and a chroma backdrop for photo sessions, TV commercial shootings and events. All SMXCC characteristics can be used for rehearsals and virtual concerts. SMXCC also offers SMXams, a stress-free test or licensure venue that may accommodate 30 to 3,000 examinees daily. Rates vary according to the season and day of the week.

The safety of guests is a high priority for SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. (SMHCC). As a leader in the hospitality industry, SMHCC has initiated a strict health and hygiene initiative to safeguard the safety and well-being of its guests. This initiative, known as SustainablySafe, is implemented by creating #SMXsafespaces—a set of stringent and specialized procedures within each SMXCC property.


To reduce the possibility of human-to-human transmission of disease, these measures include: a reduction in physical contact among attendees, strict policies on wearing face masks and face shields, contactless Health Declaration and Contact Tracing forms, crowd movement monitored via CCTV with face recognition function and event marshals, reduced seating capacity to implement safe crowd management, equipping building staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), frequent disinfection of venues and high-contact events.

SMXCC VP GM Agnes Pacis
Photo courtesy: SMX Convention Center | VP-GM Agnes Pacis.

SMXHybrid, SMXMilestone, SMXFitness and SMXBazaar are platforms for business meetings, intimate social gatherings and small weddings; fitness fanatics can use these to organize their events; fashionistas who can afford to shop until they drop while adhering to the necessary safety rules can use these platforms as well.

Photo courtesy: SMX Convention Center

SMX Convention Center is committed to providing a safe environment at all its seven properties in Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Davao and Olongapo City.

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1 Comment

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    Hyun Jang Nim

    March 7, 2021 at 1:31 am

    Pandemic hit us hard kaya naman tong move ng smx convention center’s event na i repurpose yung spaces nila is a great way to adapt to our current situation.i like that they are complying with health protocols.

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