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#SMXREADY Is All Set To Host Events




SMXCC SMXready 1

 With its #SMXsafespaces, the SMX Convention Center (SMXCC), the country’s foremost convention center, continues to preserve its commitment to the safety and security of its guests and coworkers.

SMXCC SMXready 1

By participating in the Local Government Units and SM-wide vaccination campaign, SMXCC took a step forward in this direction. COVID-19 vaccinations have now been completed for all SMXCC staff.

The Department of Tourism recently awarded the Safety Seals to SMX Manila, SMX Aura, SMX Davao, and Megatrade Hall. The rest of the company’s properties are merely waiting for their seals. No face mask or face shield policy, contact tracing, frequent public reminders across its properties, thermal scanners, sanitizing high-touch surfaces, and protocol marshals are just a few of the health and safety practices in place.

“Even before the pandemic, safety and security were and will always be our top priorities. Agnes Pacis, Vice-President and General Manager of the SMX Convention Center, stated, “It is a responsibility to all our guests and colleagues that we take very seriously.” “We’ve progressed from repurposing and reinventing spaces to becoming hybrid-ready. SMX Convention Centers is more #SMXready than ever before, and we can’t wait to host traditional and hybrid events once the restrictions are lifted.”

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