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Song Kang Sets Thousands of Love Alarms During Manila Fan Meeting

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song kang fanmeet manila 2023

Love alarms were all ringing last night at the Araneta Coliseum as South Korean actor Song Kang graced the Philippine stage for his first Manila fan meeting as the face of Korean skincare brand Deoproce. From completing challenges, to answering Q&As, the 28-year-old Song Kang showed that behind his pretty face and passionate acting, there are more reasons to love this charming celebrity. 

song kang fan meeting

Kang You Do It? 

The show started with fan games hosted by Sam Oh, and participated by random lucky audience members. From showing off their fancy “ballet moves” a la Song Kang’s role in Navillera, to piecing together a giant-sized Song Kang for Deoproce puzzle with time limit, PH Songpyeons warmed up for the night and got their competitive faces on for a chance to meet their favorite actor upclose.

In the trivia game they titled “Kang You Do It”, we also learned that Song Kang once dreamt of becoming a furniture designer or architect, went to school with BTS Jin, and prefers dating older women! *Ahem* Hello to all noonas reading this!

After the exciting games, adrenalines were pumping as Filipino pop groups G22 and VXON performed some of their upbeat and kilig original songs. When the lights dimmed, the crowd were all screaming loudly as Song Kang entered the stage wearing a pristine all-white outfit!

Song Kang 101: Getting To Know The Actor

To mellow down the cheers, the program started with a sit-down, chill interview where we found out more about the “Son of Netflix”. His reaction to this nickname? Song Kang said that he is very grateful to be called such since everyone was able to watch him ever since his series “Love Alarm”. 

song kang fanmeet manila 4
Photo credits: Deoproce Philippines

Bagging very diverse roles, and showing how he leveled up his acting skills in every drama he starred in, Song Kang actually first realized that he wanted to become an actor after seeing Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie Titanic. The hardest role he played was his character in Sweet Home, Cha Hyun Soo, while his dream role is hopefully a happier character.

Aside from his undeniable talent, Song Kang is known for his beautiful skin and fit body. When asked for his secret, the actor said that he does a lot of weight training, and eats a lot of chicken breast and vegetables. Song Kang quipped that can’t live without exercising and trying out different sports like tennis, kendo, and pilates. He even practiced ballet for 3 months for his role in Navillera!

song kang fan meeting 2023

Because of Song Kang’s good looks and charming ways, the whole Araneta was screaming in between the Q&A that he had to tease everyone with, “Are you still listening to my answers?” He also noticed the fans wearing butterfly costumes for the fan meeting, a nod to his role in Nevertheless.

Hype Boy Song Kang

There were several highlights during the fan meeting, but what sent the crowd to their feet was when Song Kang gamely did the Tiktok trending dance challenge Hype Boy by South Korean girl group NewJeans! He was very candid and light-hearted, a fun person to watch outside his usual serious roles. 

In a segment called “He Kang Do It”, Song Kang spinned a digital roulette with random dares including “Do A Morning Greeting”, “Staring Game with the Camera for 10 Seconds”, and “Do 5 Cute Poses for the Camera”. With no hesitations, Song Kang completed all these tasks to his fans’ enjoyment. 

One kilig dare was to deliver some of his popular lines in Korean dramas Love Alarm and Nevertheless. He was also taught random Filipino words by lucky Songpyeons, including “Mahal kita”, “Ang saya saya ko”, and “Samahan mo ako sa Korea”. Phones went up to record these heart-fluttering moments! 

Another heart-stopping fan interaction during the show involved calling a phone number flashed on screen, which gave the first caller a chance to ask Song Kang a question. One question was, “What can you say to people who want to give up on their dreams?” To which Song Kang thoughtfully replied, “If you are not passionate about the thing you’re trying, maybe it’s not for you. Try a lot of things. Life is short. Try to be more adventurous. Like in Navillera. You will eventually find that thing that you like. You will eventually find your dream.. and you will shine.”


And lastly, the hype went on as more personal gifts were given away to lucky winners, including a signed polaroid of the actor, and a shirt he designed on-the-spot that night (which has a butterfly drawing!).

A Grateful Star

As the cliche goes, time went by fast as everyone was having fun with Song Kang. The actor expressed his gratitude to the Korean skincare brand Deoproce because he was able to see his Filipino fans through this event. He said that it still fascinates him that he is known in a country outside of Korea. “I am so thankful. It is such an honor to be a model for the brand,” he said.

The fan meeting ended with a fan project where fans across the country expressed their love and admiration for the actor through video messages. Song Kang was teary-eyed after watching the whole presentation, it took him a while to say something on the mic. “I am filming now, but I am here to see you on my day off when I don’t have any shows scheduled. I really did not think I’m going to cry,” he said. It was truly a memorable night for both the actor and his fans.

song kang fanmeet manila 6
Photo credits: Deoproce Philippines

“In the midst of your cheering, I really had a wonderful time. I will be going home to work even harder. Until then, please be healthy and happy. Thank you for the amazing night!” 

song kang manila 2023
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