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South Korea’s Best Pink Muhly Spots in Autumn

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best pink muhly spots in korea

Pink Muhly Grass, the plant we call Pink Muhly, is native to the western and central United States’ warm plains. Pink muhly in Korea typically turns pink and purple in the middle of September and retains its pinkish tint until November. Pink, the hue of love, happiness, and sweetness, stabilizes emotions and offers warmth.

Yangju Nari Park

Location: Gwangsa-ro, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, 131-66

Yangju Nari Park is located in Yangju-si, a city in Gyeonggi Province’s northwestern region. Autumn flowers such as pink and crimson globe amaranth, broom cypress, Mexican asters, and canna flowers can be found in the park. Wouldn’t it be lovely to shoot photos surrounded by vibrant flowers?

Haneul Park

Location: 95 Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul.


Haneul Park is a well-known park in Seoul that was previously a massive landfill before it was reincarnated as an ecological park. The former landfill was so large that it was dubbed a rubbish mountain. You can no longer discover the previous appearance and must enjoy the picturesque nature and the Han river near the park. The broom cypress, which has a deeper pink color than pink muhly and looks like cotton candy, may be seen in the park. Enter the little pink and red world of Haneul Park!

Jeju Island

Location: Namwon-eup, Sillyedong-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Jeju Island, Korea’s pride, is an ideal site to appreciate nature and get nostalgic at the Pink Muhly places. Hueree Park, located at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, is a natural living experience park. You can get lost in Pink Muhly and ride horseback in the park. Many visit the area because the vistas and natural characteristics change from season to season. In addition, the Hueree Pink Muhly Festival will take place from September 11th to November 11th.

Daejeo Ecological Park

Location: Gonghang-ro 1246, Gangseo-gu, Busan

Daejeo Ecological Park in Busan, located somewhat higher than Eulsukdo Island, is likewise home to various species of migrating birds and a place for locals to rest. The park includes wetlands and paths for visitors to enjoy the vistas unique to the lower reaches.


Eulsukdo Island

Location: 1240 Nakdongnam-ro, Saha-gu, Busan.

Eulsukdo Island is located downstream of the major Nakdonggang River in Gyeongsang Province. This Busan island is eco-friendly because migratory birds come to it, and the garbage has been converted into an ecological park. In autumn, don’t miss the willow woodland and reed beds and the pink muhly grasses, which will provide you with a typical Korean-style vision of nature.

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