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South Korea’s CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga Is Now In Manila!




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Filipinos love unlimited Korean food but many Korean restaurants in Manila are a fusion of Filipino and Korean food. Korean foodies can now get there favorite and authentic Korean food from South Korea’s CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga now open in Manila.

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CCYG Iin Quezon City

CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga means “Memories of the Youth. It is the best BBQ brand in Korea with around 358 restaurants all over the country. CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga officially opened in Quezon City on November 20, 2019: The first branch outside South Korea and the first in South East Asia.

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Unlike most Samgyup restaurants in Manila, CCYG serves authentic Korean meat that is imported directly from South Korea. The exhaust, seating materials, and the clothes were also sent to Manila so that Filipino Korean fans can experience Korean culture.


  • Daepae Samgyupsal,
  • Chung choon Samgyupsal
  • Gochujang Pork
  • Galbi Seasoning Pork\Doenjang Pork
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Pork and beef
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Unlimited Meat
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Meat is imported straight from Korea!


  • Beef Belly
  • Gabi Seasoning Beef Belly
  • Doenjang Beef Belly
  • Beef Bulgogi
  • Gochujang Beef Bulgogi
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Mix your meat in the creamy cheese!

Buzzsetter Food Tip: Mix your meat in the Creamy Cheese Mozarella. It’s the best sauce ever!

Special Side Dish

  • Tteok-Bokki
  • Jap-Chae
  • Seafood Jeon
  • Bulgogi Jeon
  • Kimchi Jeon
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Special SIde Dishes

Buzzsetter Food Tip: Instead of eating plain rice, request for the “Rice Balls” from the staff. Mix your rice balls with anchovies and grill it on the stove. Eat the rice balls with your meat. You won’t go back to plain rice again!

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Make your “Rice Bowls” from Seaweed rice. You can ask the CCYG staff to make the rice bowls for you
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Korean Pizza! A Must-try for food newbies!

Many Koreans staying in Manila visit CCYG and their feedback was that the BBQ and the rice bowls are just like in South Korea and that they will feel at home.


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Customers can dress up for a photoshoot in the hanbok for FREE

The best part of CCYG, customers can dress up in the traditional Korean costume called the “hanbok”. It is semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies.

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Hanbok is available for males, females and kids.

Customers can eat and dress up like a Korean. This is just perfect for Korean fans who love Korean culture and food

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Customers can eat with their hanbok.

CCYG currently has a promo of 3 + 1.

4 People will pay and the 5th can eat for FREE! Promos is available on weekdays (Mondays – Thursdays (11 AM – 2 AM)

50% OFF for kids below 7 years old. 20% for Senior Citizens 60 years old and above

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The perfect Korean BBQ for friends and family

CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga is open from 11 AM – 2 AM

Location: 33 Sct. Madriñan St. Tomas Morato Avenue Diliman Quezon City

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