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SPOTTED: McDonald’s Philippines Has Introduced Strawless Lids

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McDonald’s Philippines began using strawless lids at certain of its locations in June 2021. This approach is in keeping with the company’s goal of decreasing waste by eliminating the need for straws among consumers.

McDo Strawless lid
Sip without the straw. McDonald’s Philippines pilots strawless lids for its iced drinks in a bid to lessen the need for plastic straws to advance in its waste reduction efforts.

The strawless lids will be replacing the flat lids used for iced beverages at McDonald’s, which includes all soft drinks and juices, iced tea, and all types of Iced Coffee, and are now being used in select stores in Metro Manila. Takeout, drive-thru, and delivery will be available.

This change in packaging comes after a change in McDonald’s policy on straw distribution, which began in 2018 with restaurants across the country restricting straw delivery to only certain cold beverages, such as the McFloat, Coffee Float, Milk Tea, and McFreeze.

“By putting these strawless lids to the test, we hope to continue our waste-reduction quest. We will be able to make progress in our waste reduction effort while ensuring that our customers can enjoy their iced cold beverages alongside their favorite McDonald’s meals, one less straw at a time, thanks to this adjustment. McDonald’s Philippines Corporate Communications Head Adi Hernandez says, “We look forward to our customers’ favorable response to this program and expanding it out to more outlets around the nation in the coming months.”

As the company understands this calls for a change in the way their products are consumed, the company invites consumers to answer this survey to learn what they think of this shift in packaging:


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