STREAT MARKET Greenhills: The Biggest Christmas Night Market In Metro Manila


We’ve got you covered if you’re seeking both local and foreign street cuisine. We just returned from the country’s largest Christmas Street Market, and it did not disappoint! We went to the Greenhill Street Market in San Juan, and there was plenty of food for everyone! This establishment has it everything, from Pinoy street food to Asian street food!

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The Streat Market is now located on the Greenhills Mall G-Strip Parking. More street markets are expected to open across Manila in the near future, according to Pinoy foodies. 

The Waffles would be the next course, followed by the main course. These food photos are not only instagrammable but also scrumptious! We couldn’t help ourselves and had to take two! You’ll just have to be extra patient because your delicious waffles will take a long to arrive.

The burgers would come next. When ordered hot, these burgers are very delectable!

The big topic, though, would be the Oreo and Kitkat, which was so popular with the audience that some people requested five orders at once!

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Many Filipinos and foreigners enjoy shawarma, and there are two shawarma kiosks in the night market. You can also get the regular shawarma or spicy shawarma. They also got shawarma rice and shawarma nachos.

Fans of street cuisine should try the Chicken Cone, which is a popular choice with residents and Filipinos. It is so addictive!

Korean corndogs, Japanese Takoyaki, and Korean Topokki are the most popular items. They seem to never run out of them. You’re in luck if you’re a big admirer of K-drama or Korean culture. Remember to snap Instagram-worthy shots of your cuisine!

The Pinoy BBQ area, however, is one of the most popular stalls at the market.

Isaw, BBQ, chicken, pig, and hotdogs are so popular among residents and expatriates that they must be replenished on a regular basis.

The best aspect is that pets, like children, are welcome at the street market. Face masks and shields would be required for everyone’s safety. The mall has parking, but it is always packed, so get there early. The market is so popular among adjacent BPO employees that they come down for their lunch breaks.

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  1. Must visit this place , perfect and ang dami ng mga street foods na masasarap . Sure na nkaka enjoy tlga sa night market na ito 😍❤️ thank you for sharing ❤️

  2. The best spot to visit in Greenhills.
    This night market is so awesome and exciting delicious foods awaits here. So many choices that we’ve been looking for. Thank you po for sharing. Great place to visit together with the family 😍


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