StrEat Market: The Biggest Street Food Market In Metro Manila!

streat market venice mckinley

If you’re craving local and international streetfood, then we have your back. We just visited the biggest Street Market in Manila, and it did not disappoint! We went to the Street Market in Venice Grand Canal in BGC, and there is a bunch food on street for everyone! From Middle Eastern street food to Asian street food, this place has it all!

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The Streat Market is currently at the Venice Grand Canal with plans to open in Cubo, Greenhills, Bicutan, and in Las Pinas. It has been trendy among Pinoy food lovers that more street markets will be opening soon all over Manila. The Streat Market in Venice Grand Canal Mall is just the beginning with more coming in the future.

The Streat Market is open from Friday-Saturday (6AM – 10PM) but could extend depending on the number of orders ordered by the people. We first started with some Chinese street food which is cooked right in front of the customers. It was a great sight to see your food packed into the Chinese take-away boxes that you see in the HK and American movies.

Next up would be the dessert which is the Waffles. These food photos are highly instagrammable and delicious as well! We couldn’t help it but take two! You just need to be extra patient since it takes a while to get your yummy waffles.

Next up would be the burgers. These burgers are incredibly delicious once ordered hot! It was so good that we also ordered the Double Trouble burger.

Next up would be the desserts which are the Magnum Overload and KitKat. But the big talk would be the Oreo dessert which is extremely popular with the crowd that many ordered five orders at a time!

We also happened to try some Middle Eastern street food which is the biryani. The biryani is highly popular among ex-pats just as with the Filipinos. You can look for Mapishi or Evergreen, which sell the Middle Eastern cuisine to the customers.

The market also has some European vibes with German hotdogs and fries being sold. This is also extremely popular among customers especially expats.

The bestseller would be the Korean corndogs, Japanese Takoyaki, and Korean Topokki. They never seem to run out of them. If you’re a big fan of K-drama or Korean culture, then you’re in luck! Don’t forget to take IG-Worthy photos of your food!

But one of the most popular stalls at the market would have to be the Pinoy BBQ area.Isaw, BBQ, chicken, pork, hotdog are extremely popular among the locals and expats that they need to refill every time.

And they more street foods!

The best part would be that pets are allowed at the street market just as children. You would need to wear your face masks and shields for everyone’s safety. Parking is at the mall but extremely limited so you need to arrive early. The market is trendy among the BPO employees nearby that they come down to the market for their office breaks.

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So extreme international and local cuisine all under on tent! Get it every weekend and have some fun eating some of the best streetfood in the world!



  1. Ito yong lugar na talagang hindi ko malilimutan once napuntahan ko na din. Sasarap ng street foods.
    My favorite isaw ay talagang grabi ang sarap.


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