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Surfyy Beach: An Epic Surfing Spot In Korea

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It’s time to hit the waves! Make sure to plan a day to go to Surfyy Beach in Yangyang, South Korea, whether you’re a military spouse, expat, or just visiting South Korea. Everyone will find something to enjoy at this beach, including the sand, waves, drinks, cuisine, relaxing areas, and after-parties.

Surfyy Beach korea 1 1
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Only surfers are permitted at Surfyy Beach. This implies that the beach area marked as Surfyy is unsuitable for swimming. If it’s unclear, lifeguards are there to explain things to you. But it’s not.

Surfyy Beach debuted in the 2015 summer. From that point on, however, until this summer, the beach was governed by the nearby military base, which would enter each morning and evening to unlock and lock the area’s fences and gates. The gates were removed for the FIRST time this year, proving that Surfyy Beach owns the beachfront land. What a property it is as well.

All of the Surfyy Beach structures were located behind the beach, as you would have seen if you had come in the past. This year, their stylish cabanas, bars, etc., have been moved onto the beach because it is now their domain.

What Time Of Year Is Ideal For Visiting Surfyy Beach?

The ideal time to visit Surfyy Beach is between June and September. Although this is the busiest time of year for tourists, it is for a good reason. The best chance for pleasant, sunny weather, ideal for enjoying the beach amenities and surf, is to travel during the summer.

What To Expect At Surffy Beach

Perfect for IG-Worthy photos and surfers

The company has made the entire area very Instagrammable with lovely cabanas to sit under, hammocks to get cosy in, a giant sign with their name that every visitor feels the need to take a photo with, and more.


This is in response to the many people in Korea who aren’t surfing savvy but are interested in trends. Even if most of these people aren’t surfing, they are getting a taste of the enjoyment that may be had, and some of them may come back later to try it. It is a very beginner to expert-friendly surfing beach in Yangyang-gun, Korea.

Surfing Law You Need To Know

To get Surfyy certified as a surfing beach, the owners and founders had to go through a number of hoops, including meeting with county, village, and military officials. If you wish to surf in Korea, you must at least be aware of the regulations.

Korea’s surf culture differs slightly from other regions with a more extended history of the sport, so, understandably, officials and visitors are unsure what to expect or how to manage anything. Most visitors to Surfyy Beach are looking for a unique experience and want to experience the cool dude/laid-back vibe they associate with surfing. Given the level of stress Americans are experiencing, it is understandable that they would want something relaxing.

Surfing Lessons

You can also take lessons here if you want to surf. They have teachers from outside that can conduct surf instruction in English. Visit the Surfyy Beach website to make a reservation, or send them a message on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Cost of surfing lesson

50,000 won (~ $50) during the months of April, May, and October (off-season)
60,000 won (~ $60) during the months of June, July, August, and September (peak season)


Paddle Boading

If surfing isn’t your thing, go paddle boarding! With a 3-hour paddle board rental, you can also take lessons at Surfyy Beach!

Cost of paddle boarding:

30,000 won (~ $30) during April, May, and October (off-season)
40,000 won (~ $40) during June, July, August, and September (peak season)

How To Get There

Address: 119 Hajodaehaean-gil Hyeonbuk-myeon Yangyang-gun Gangwon-do

By Bus: You can board a bus at either the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or the Seoul Express

Bus Terminal. You can go to the Yangyang Express Bus Terminal is around 2 hours by express bus from either location. Take a taxi for W17,000 to travel 11 kilometres in roughly 15 minutes, depending on traffic. We wouldn’t advise waiting for the buses since they come in long intervals and need some walking.

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