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Surfyy Beach: Party At The Beach At Night In Korea

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Surfyy is a relatively all-inclusive place because it functions as a surfing club and a party location. Their motto, “Surf All Day! Party All Night!” is appropriate. Like other beach sites in the area, the shoreline itself is magnificent. Gyeongpo Beach, Naksan Beach, and the smaller but equally stunning Sungeut Beach are some of my all-time favourite local beaches to visit.

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The area where Surfyy is located is unique because it has been sealed off for the past 40 years because of the surrounding military base and is, therefore, incredibly clean.

Yangyang-gun does a fantastic job of keeping its beaches clean, particularly during the summer. The beaches in this northeastern region are far better, even though many people prefer the beaches in Busan. Fewer tourists, lovely sand, and emerald-coloured sea.

Enter the surf beach pub and lounge after surfing the waves at Surfyy Beach. Purchase a Corona beer, a mojito, or another ideal beachside cocktail to enjoy while you watch the sky’s hues shift as the sun sets. The party area’s lights and sounds will begin to make those toes tap and booties bounce, or whatever the kids these days do, just as people are leaving the pool. DJs are invited in to keep the crowd dancing.

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Plan Your Visit

Be warned that there isn’t much nearby because the area around Surfyy Beach is still being developed, but if you go 10 minutes up the road to Hajodae, there are more alternatives for dining and cafes. Surfyy Beach was a lot of fun, and we were honoured to be invited there.

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The beach was beautiful, the people were friendly, and there was a ton of fun. We would return without a doubt to take advantage of the beaches and fun surfing activities available here.

Hajodae Camping-car

This location has been available for guests to stay at since last year. You can pick from various components with the Hajodae Camping-car option.

Another excellent choice is that this location is only up the beach from Surfyy and closer to the beach. The camping cars are convenient and enjoyable if you wish to spend the night in a camping vehicle.


Book A Surfing Lesson

The information needed to sign up for a lesson is available on Don’t worry about that; they also rent out all the equipment and wet suits you’ll need. Schedule your surfing lesson online if you can read Korean or have the translator plugin

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Surfyy Beach

Address: 119 Hajodaehaean-gil Hyeonbuk-myeon Yangyang-gun Gangwon-do

By Bus: You can board a bus at either the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or the Seoul Express

Bus Terminal. You can go to the Yangyang Express Bus Terminal is around 2 hours by express bus from either location. Take a taxi for W17,000 to travel 11 kilometres in roughly 15 minutes, depending on traffic. We wouldn’t advise waiting for the buses since they come in long intervals and need some walking.

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