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Swoon-worthy Romcoms to Binge Watch this Valentine’s Day

Theriz Silvano



movies to watch valentines day

If there is one thing that could bind hopeful and hopeless romantics together, it would be an entertaining and relatable romcom. Romantic comedies were highly popularized during the 1980s to early 2000s, providing viewers with entertaining and feel-good scenes with unique plots and twists. 

Versatile actors play characters with mixed personalities that audiences get to love, even with unlikeable characters that were firstly introduced with nonchalant or grumpy traits, just like Matthew Macfadyen’s character in Pride & Prejudice as Mr. Darcy, or the icy characters of Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s roles in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Watching romcoms can positively bring you good vibes and relaxation, as it mirror people’s daily lives and routines. Another reason as to why romcoms can make you feel good? It doesn’t usually have infuriating villains that make you feel distressed and anxious. It also has simple and true-to-life dilemmas that each character faces, which gives us relief that we’re not alone in experiencing our struggles.

This month of love, dive into these modern and newly released romcoms that would make you swoon and admire the idea of love!

Modern Romcoms to Fall Inlove to this February

Anyone But You (2023)

movies to watch valentines day anyone but you

For those who adore the ‘enemies to lovers’ trope, this romcom will surely sweep off their feet! The plot follows two young individuals who met at a coffee shop and eventually spent the night together to get to know one another, but were separated the day after due to unpleasant circumstances.

Years passed, they were again reconnected by fate to attend their family’s and friend’s wedding, and the romantic chaos begins from there. This movie gives the genre a unique take by incorporating new and quirky scenes that we haven’t seen from classic romcoms. 


Someone Great (2019) 

movies to watch valentines day someone great

From tackling painful heartbreaks and personal growth to having timeless friendships and new adventures, the characters from Someone Great provide viewers with a variety of story themes including comedy, romance, drama, and most importantly, friendships.

This romcom revolves around a young woman who spent enjoyable adventures with her bestfriends after experiencing the burdens of a break up with her long-term boyfriend. With fun and satisfying scenes with characters who play their roles authentically, this movie leaves viewers a rewarding and relatable feeling of choosing what’s best for their sanity. 

Happiest Season (2020)

movies to watch valentines day happiest season

Let’s talk about Girls’ love, Christmas, and familial relationships with Happiest Season! This movie involves an exceptional young woman who plans to introduce her warmhearted girlfriend to her family during the holidays, where the fun (and a little bit of drama) took place.

The movie has mixed themes of laughs, self-discovery, acceptance, and genuine love. To those who look for an enjoyable romcom involving two young women who are willing to fight for their love with a blend of family fun, this movie is perfect for a Valentine’s Day watch.

There is an endless list of movies under the romcom genre, but these three will certainly give you the warmth and fun-loving vibes this Valentine’s Day. 

Theriz started writing stories when she was 16 years old. Even with a portfolio of published articles from her college days, she still considers herself a fresh face in the world of writing. She explores the world through reading books, watching movies, and traveling with her family.

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