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Taeyeon Songs to Listen Ahead of the ODD of Love in Manila

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taeyeon odd love manila setlist

Get ready to have your hearts race and spirits soar PH Sones as Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s electrifying concert draws near! Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-pumping night as share the spellbinding possible setlist that Taeyeon has prepared to captivate her devoted fans.

taeyeon odd love in manila

From breathtaking ballads that tug at your heartstrings to high-energy anthems that will have you dancing on your feet, Taeyeon is all set to deliver a concert experience that will leave you in awe and craving for more!


Taeyeon will take your breath away with the hauntingly beautiful “INVU.” Get ready to be immersed in a sea of emotions as her soulful voice weaves its magic, making this opening number an unforgettable start to a night full of musical wonder.

Set Myself On Fire

Hold on tight as Taeyeon ignites the stage with “Set Myself On Fire!” This soul-stirring track will set your hearts ablaze with its powerful vocals and spine-tingling chorus. You won’t be able to resist getting lost in the intensity of this extraordinary performance.



Bringing a shift in mood, “Weekend” is a refreshing and upbeat track that showcases Taeyeon’s versatility as an artist. As the audience sways to the infectious rhythm, they will witness Taeyeon’s infectious energy and charm, leaving no choice but to join in on the celebration of life.


“Timeless” is a classic that never fails to resonate with fans. Its elegant and nostalgic sound beautifully highlights Taeyeon’s soothing vocals, allowing the audience to bask in the feelings of both comfort and longing.


As one of Taeyeon’s signature hits, “I” has the power to bring the entire crowd to their feet. This anthem of self-empowerment and growth will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on everyone present, reminding them of the strength that lies within.


“Spark” takes the audience on an uplifting journey, evoking feelings of hope and inspiration. Its infectious melody and uplifting lyrics will create an atmosphere of unity, as the entire venue sings along with Taeyeon, forming an unbreakable bond.


Ending Credits

Closing the concert on a high note, “Ending Credits” is a poignant ballad that leaves a lasting impact on all who listen. Taeyeon’s emotive delivery of the song’s heartfelt lyrics will undoubtedly leave the audience with tears in their eyes and hearts full of gratitude for this unforgettable musical experience.

Taeyeon Concert in Manila: The Odd of Love

Taeyeon concert manila the odd love

Catch Taeyeon live on her ‘The Odd of Love‘ concert in Manila this July 31, 2023 at the Araneta Coliseum. Limited tickets are available via Ticketnet outlets and online.

This event is brought to you by DNM Entertaiment and In2ne Entertainment.

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