Taeyeon’s Vocal Prowess Leaves PH SONEs Spellbound at the ODD of Love in Manila

In a dazzling display of vocal prowess and captivating stage presence, Taeyeon, the beloved K-pop queen, graced Manila with her long-awaited comeback concert. The highly anticipated event, titled “The Odd of Love” took place on a magical night that will be etched in the memories of the Filipino SONEs forever.

the odd of love in Manila concert recap

Taeyeon showcased her musical prowess, taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride through her hits and heartfelt messages.

Setting the Stage Ablaze

The concert commenced with an electrifying performance of “INVU,” setting the stage for an unforgettable night. Taeyeon immediately captured the crowd’s attention with her dynamic vocals and commanding presence. She followed it up with soul-stirring renditions of “Can’t Control Myself” and “Some Nights,” leaving the audience eager for more.

taeyeon odd love in manila concert recap

Continuing to ignite the atmosphere, Taeyeon elevated the excitement with performances of “Set Myself on Fire” and “Siren.” The crowd was in awe as she effortlessly showcased her vocal prowess, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, Taeyeon expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome she received after her three-month hiatus. The love and excitement were palpable in the arena as fans eagerly awaited the next set of performances.

Taeyeon speaks Tagalog words

Displaying her affection for her Filipino fans, Taeyeon surprised everyone by incorporating Tagalog words into her speech. Uttering endearing phrases like “MAHAL KO KAYO!” and “SALAMAT!” endeared her even further to the crowd.

The Vocal Queen on Display

Taeyeon’s versatility as an artist shone through as she moved the audience with emotional ballads like “Cold as Hell,” “Heart,” and “Toddler.” The raw emotions in her voice struck a chord with fans, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

During the performance of “Heart,” the sixth track from her album INVU, Taeyeon showcased her exceptional vocal range. Even while sitting on the floor, she effortlessly belted out high notes, reaffirming her status as a true vocal queen.

A special video presentation (VCR) added an extra touch of excitement as Taeyeon returned to the stage adorned in a floral crop top and denim skirt. The crowd couldn’t help but admire her timeless beauty as she performed the upbeat and uplifting track, “Weekend.”

The energy in the venue reached new heights as Taeyeon performed more hits like “No Love Again.” The audience was undoubtedly enjoying every moment of the concert, and Taeyeon expressed her appreciation for the standing ovation she received.

A Heartfelt Connection

Sharing a candid side of herself, Taeyeon revealed that she is, in fact, an introvert and an INFJ (according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). She humorously spoke about the plethora of thoughts that crossed her mind when alone for extended periods, ultimately leading to her desire to connect with her fans. Her openness and honesty deepened the bond between her and the Filipino SONEs.

A Night to Remember

Taeyeon continued to grace the stage with a playlist that included fan-favorites like “Stress,” “Playlist,” “What Do I Call You,” “To the Moon,” “Wild Fire,” “My Tragedy,” “Better Babe,” and “Four Seasons.” Each song resonated deeply with the audience, creating an emotional and unforgettable experience.

As the concert drew to a close, Taeyeon returned to the stage for an electrifying encore. The energy in the arena soared as she performed “Spark” and concluded the magical night with “Ending Credits.”

A Timeless Connection

Taeyeon’s The ODD of Love concert in Manila was an awe-inspiring spectacle of talent, emotion, and connection. The vocal queen left her PH fans in awe, reaffirming her place as a beloved and cherished artist. As the lights dimmed and the cheers faded, the memory of this extraordinary night will live on in the hearts of SONEs, as they eagerly anticipate Taeyeon’s next visit to the Philippines. Until then, the connection between Taeyeon and her fans remains timeless, a love that will endure forever.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to DNM Entertainment for the invite to Taeyeon The Odd of Love in Manila. The event was covered by Jacquelou Colitoy and Sky Lee Fajardo.