TALES OF ILLUMINA: The Newest, Biggest, And Grandest Multi-Sensory Interactive Art Installation!

TALES OF ILLUMINA has arrived in the Philippines, and on December 1, 2021, it will open its doors to the general public. This enchanting world offers both OPULENT and DAZZLING magical-themed experience where everyone would go crazy about it. Mystified to give kids, tweens, teenagers, and even adults a whole new encounter, this enchanting world offers both OPULENT and DAZZLING magical-themed experiences where everyone would go crazy about it. Tales of Illumina is a 45,000-square-foot amusement park that tells creative stories based on Philippine mythology chambers.

Tales of Illumina entrance

Prepare to be awestruck by over 36 WORLD-CLASS INSTALLATIONS that will transport you to another realm.

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As you embark on an adventure in Tales of Illumina’s wonderful and colorful universe, you will meet a variety of creatures. Then prepare to be amazed as you participate in our multi-sensory interactive spots across this magical universe.

Imagine meeting a talking tree, flying with a magical bird, and even narrating your own famous love story. With our colorful walkways, you can be among the gigantic blooms and unleash your creativity in music and art. The Tales of Illumina is an illuminated attraction that will leave you guessing as to what will happen next.

Not only will your social media feeds be brimming with nice and amazing photographs and tales, but your eyes and heart will as well! Enjoy every moment of your journey as you traverse through several regions containing various aspects of your desire. Prepare to be intrigued and captivated by the Tales of Illumina, which will undoubtedly keep your phones and cameras active!

Tales of Illumina will transport you to a new and thrilling universe.

Tales of Illumina i see magic

I See Magic – As soon as you enter, a light will greet you, signaling the beginning of your journey.

Tales of Illumina netherlands

Netherland – A tranquil meadow guarded by Dalakit, a century-old massive tree with allegorical implications. He’ll speak to you in the same way he spoke to Hiraya, and he’ll awaken your mind to his clues.

Hiraya: Hirayawas enticed to wander further towards the village’s inner center by a bare woodland that was mesmerizingly lovely. It fascinated her to keep walking and uncover a life play she couldn’t comprehend.

Foresta – A living forest where the path you take reflects the beauty of nature. It will make you feel as if you are in a foreign world’s garden.

Tales of Illumina

The Gaunt – Smack into earth animals that only our third eye can perceive, and stroll about the town of mysticism and enchantment without a care in the world.

Cavern of the Untold – A cave of secrets and untold tales that will keep your secrets and untold tales secure.

Allow your boredom to wander around as your eyes twinkle in this land, for it will stupefy your feelings.

Chamber of Dreams: Dreams and imagination may be far from reality in the Chamber of Dreams. But we’re only one step away from making it happen in this room!

Tales of Illumina Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope – One’s persona will constantly reflect on the surface, and once it kaleidoscopically merges into the mirrors, observe how others perceive you.

Tales of Illumina mystic bird

Mystic Bird – A bird so enigmatically massive that one can’t help but be awestruck; be careful not to look too long! When this mysterious bird sings, you will fall into a profound slumber, and only time will tell when you will awaken.

Tales of Illumina cloud dancers

Cloud Dancers – Puffs of white magic in acres of blue, you’ll quickly pick up on the sky canvas’s various hues.

Tales of Illumina moon magic

Moon Magic – Let the land’s spells enchant you with Moon Magic’s whimsical bright lights.

La Luna: We all wanted to sit on the moon and be as dramatic as we could be. So, go high and sit in our La Luna like you own the rest of the world!

Tales of Illumina

Emoticon Colors – Prepare your feelings, because it doesn’t matter what they are as long as you are comfortable sharing them! Allow Colors of Emoticons to overflow in this one corner.

Glow It – Don’t get too dark; instead, use your magic hands to make everything glow.

Tales of Illumina jellyfirsh

Jellyfish Alley – The actual world is a much darker and deeper place than this, yet moving with the rhythm of jellyfish makes it feel like nothing.

Foliage – As the seasons change, so do the hues of the leaves. Observe how the foliage changes color as the seasons change.

Well of Eternal Wishes – In this whimsical well, hope never dies since you have the opportunity to make eternal wishes.

Honnalee’s Road – You’ll learn about dominance, ambition, authority, dignity, and capacity on this path. These characteristics will enable you to live by your own rules, face obstacles head on, and always be willing to take risks.

Icy Forest – As you progress through this area, you will be greeted with an unforgettable experience that you will never forget.

Magic Lamps – These enchanted lamps will light the way to your imaginary world.

Pluie de Fleur : It’s showering blooms in Pluie de Fleur! The mythical spirits of Illumina had cultivated and cared for this garden of fresh and magnificent flowers.

Enchanting Castle – This fortress is designed to ensure that you will not be able to hold your own in the world of influence. We will always keep your thoughts and imaginations protected.

Hiraya – Hiraya is the central figure in the Tales. Every dark dungeon in this enchanted world is illuminated by her blow. Her sweet smile shines brightly throughout the realm. Climb her hand and let her captivating story fascinate you.

Tales of Illumina

Fantasia: Dragons in Fantasia? You haven’t seen any dragons, have you? They’re just wandering around in Fantasia.

Pendulous Pods – A place in this magical universe that will undoubtedly remind us that there are creatures that are actually larger than we are.

Path of the Whimsical – Appreciate all forms of art that are performed to the beat of nature’s song. This fanciful will take you on your next fantastic voyage as well as allowing you to dance, jump, leap, and move.

Albania – Two love stories set on a battlefield where trust is crucial and character is developed. Take in these scenarios and let yourself be captivated by the characters.

Ignite the Colors – Use your imagination to create patterns, and remember that even a small spark can ignite colors.

Rocking Bows – As you play in this brilliant, colorful room of bows, the child in you will be reawakened.

House of Dreamers – Let your imagination run wild. We have all sizes and colors to catch your desires, big or tiny.

The Veil of Glory – The veil of glory delivers magnificence. As you go through this room, you will be greeted with a spectacular display of colors.

Queen’s Hall – As you walk through these opulent hallways, you’ll feel like a true queen.

Tales of Illumina spectrum

Spectrum – Enchantment has an irrefutable influence that can teach you a valuable lesson! As you embark into new adventures, this mysticism will leave you breathless and ecstatic.

Pearls of Joy – Keep in mind that you are a pearl. It can be found in the wild, although it is quite rare.

Tales of Illumina witch well

Magic Goo – In this fascinating potion room, create your own particular spell utilizing our magical spices.


Online Rate: PHP 799/pax

Walk-In Rate: PHP 899/pax

1 year old and below are FREE



Address: Level 3, Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Avenue Quezon City

Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM

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